Sprinter Shelley-Anne Fraser-Pryce hits the gas at the World Championships in Athletics

12:00, July 17, 2022

There are athletes who show that it is possible to get back on track after pregnancy and there is Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce. She goes even faster than before, which is good if the job is a sprint. “Mommy Rocket” thus beat her personal bests in both the 100m (10’60) and 200m (21’79) last season, holding on to the nine-year record by three tenths. And she arrives at the Eugene Worlds (United States) with a straight line of the year.

A ball of muscle and power

In 2017, when the 30-year-old gave birth to little Zion, the general feeling was that the best was behind her: two Olympic titles over 100 meters (2008, 2012), three world titles (2009, 2013, 2015), not counting the semi-circle and joys accumulated in the relay. Even if Usain Bolt had taken the place at the same time, the work was already dense enough that it was decided to erect a statue of him at the National Stadium in Kingston, the beating heart of Jamaican athletics.

I am happy that I did not stop my career after the birth of my son

Shortly before becoming a mother, Fraser-Pryce had decided to leave Stephen Francis’ structure and his famous MVP Track Club, from which Elaine Thompson, who had just given her a starring role (Olympic double in Rio), also came from. She shared her new gold, including a fourth world title in Doha, with a coach younger than her (Reynaldo Walcott). “I am happy that I did not stop my career after the birth of my son, the athlete recently recalled. I believed in the dream. » The secret to her longevity, she puts it in simple words, “desire, passion, goals we set for ourselves”, and the most beautiful smile on set.

Of course, technological advances in shoe manufacturing have helped it stand the test of time. But they seem little compared to the power that was unleashed at the beginning. It’s that this small ball of muscle (1.55 meters) opponents often see its heels a third of the way. “At the seventh pillar, she is almost at the same point as some of the international-level male sprinters, around 9.60 metres.”, observes Guy Ontanon. Christine Arron’s former trainer also insists on his abilities “ricochets on impact with a stiffness that allows it to change very little vertically”. In short, to remain indeformable through effort.

Hair sobriety

In 2010, shortly after his appearance, Fraser-Pryce saw his name enter the doping chronicles. A six-month suspension after testing positive for oxycodone, a pain reliever used for dental problems, she pleaded at the time. The International Federation had recognized mitigating circumstances.

Believe it or not, I still haven’t missed a perfect run

Over the seasons, the battle of suspicion seems to have been won. Last summer, no one freaked out when she said she could push her limits even further: “Believe it or not, I still haven’t had a perfect race. My goal is to be under 10’50.” So, to reach the world record of Florence Griffith-Joyner (10”49 in 1988), which is considered fake by the Middle Ages.

Returning to some capillary restraint, she, who has invested in the beauty business, will be in business on the night of “SAFP” from Sunday to Monday with compatriots Elaine Thompson and Sherrick Jackson, the main candidates for her dismissal.

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