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On Wednesday, Sarina Vigmane is due to make a decision day when she will decide which players will represent England in this summer’s European Championship.

The Dutch coach has some difficult choices as he reduces his line-up to 23 players, naming the original 28-player line-up at the end of May.

Before the announcement on June 15 at 5 p.m. Sky Sports News English journalist Anton Tolui asked the current players, former stars and the head coach of the women’s Super League their thoughts on Sarina Wigman’s selection dilemmas …

Houghton inside or outside?

Staf Howton’s season is hurt by injuries

Stefa Houtone has played only five games in the women’s league this season and has not played since January due to a recurrence of an Achilles tendon injury.

She does not have to take part in Wigman’s leadership yet, because in the last training session before the Dutch coach’s first game, she solved the ankle problem for the first time.

However, the 34-year-old girl has a good chance of getting into the national team, choosing to work on her fitness at a private training camp in St George’s Park instead of going on holiday before the team.

But does the former captain deserve a place in front of other players in good shape?

“If there’s someone you can put money on to be in the best shape, it’s Steve,” said Lucy Bronze, a longtime teammate. Sky Sports news.

Sarīna Vīgmane will choose her last team for the European Cup this week

“I fully understand why Sarina wants to bring her in to give her a chance. I know people say she’s injured a lot this season, but anyone who has played with Stef, played against Stef, knows what she can give on and off the pitch.

“She’s not a captain, but she’s still a leader. The team knows and respects it, Sarina respects it, and she has as much opportunity as anyone else to be elected to the team.”

“Do I think she will be in the final? Yes, I think so,” says Carl Words, Aston Villa’s head coach.

“You have new players coming to your first big tournament and Stefa ‘s experience will help you a lot.

“Everyone knows that Stefan is a leader, a real leader and she is able to provide quality and experience. She may be Sarina’s soldier. »

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Stiff Houton says he is happy to return to England after recovering from Achilles’ surgery.

Houtone herself is convinced – as one would expect from such a professional – before Wednesday’s final decision.

“It’s been a tough journey after the operation, but I’ve worked hard to get into the job, and I’m taking it every day,” said the Manchester city captain. Sky Sports news Last week.

“I am happy to return to the field and return to my best level.”

Who doesn’t miss if Houttons is chosen?

Niamh Charles could be among the players to be missed
Niamh Charles could be among the players to be missed

The England national team has four center defenders, each with perhaps the best WSL seasons – Alex Greenwood, Millie Bright, Jesse Carter and Lot Wuben-Moe.

If four and Houton are selected, Niamh Charles is likely to miss and Carter has asked to be a reserve winger.

However, Carter has yet to complete a full team training as she recovers from the local season, but this is not considered to be a doubt about the tournament.

Kirby makes the cut?

Frank Curby praises after scoring the third goal for England
Questions also remain about Fran Kirby’s physical fitness

Fran Kerby would normally be one of the first players, but has not played since February due to his illness.

England have three warm-up games this month for Kirby to get vital minutes, but is Wigman risking a place in the national team for someone who isn’t sure about starting?

Ella Toone was number 10 in the Arnold Clark Cup, and Kirby was sometimes pushed out.

England’s team is full of wingers, so will Vigman be ready to give way to Kirby if the accuracy of his game is in doubt?

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Lucy Bronze says she has decided where her club’s future lies and says she is fully focused on helping England win the 2022 Euro.

“If Fran is available, she has to go,” said Joe Potter, a former England midfielder and Birmingham’s new assistant head coach.

“Her and Stefan’s experience is very important to help the group in these difficult times.

“Everything is not rosy during the tournament, and the fact that there is someone to train new players and play in the main games is invaluable. If she is available, she is on my list. »

Kelly, Paris, Russo – is there anything missing?

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Lioness Chloe Kelly demonstrates her pool skills against Stuff Hoouton. Good luck or talent, you decide!

Chloe Kelly’s return from injury has caused Vigmen a “good problem,” as the coach calls him.

The Manchester City striker only returned from an ACL injury in April, but has scored one goal in five games and made three assists.

The 24-year-old did not even have a conversation with Wygman until last month. Now the former Dutch boss is probably going to give Kelly great news.

“When she was injured, I said that if she got back in shape, she would play a role in the European Championship,” Words said. “Now she is in shape and ready, she must be 100% on this team. »

If Kelly is chosen, it will most likely mean that one of Wigman’s consistently selected players will not be available.

England captain Lee Williamson (right) is being replaced by teammate Nikita Paris in the Arnold Clark Cup match at Riverside Stadium in Middlesbrough.  Image Date: Thursday, February 17, 2022.
Nikita Paris scored just one WSL goal for Arsenal last season

Nikita Paris has scored only one goal for the WSL this season and is likely to sweat for him, despite previous experience at the Eurocup and the World Cup.

Only Loren Hemp has scored more goals in the league than Alesia Rousseau of all the interim players, but could a Manchester United player be unusual?

Former Reding and Nots County midfielder Joe Potter doesn’t expect to say no, “Alesia Russo is a very full player, I’d think she’ll be on the team because she’s had a great season.

“She can play a very important role, especially when she gets off the bench. She can score from anywhere, so if Elena White misses the goal, she is the perfect replacement.

“Besides, she has nothing to lose and she will have something in between.”

Is there anyone you will almost certainly miss?

Sandy McKiver will release the Euro team
Sandy McKiver will release the Euro team

Everton goalkeeper Sandy McKiver was not selected for the England national team this year before the announcement of the interim line-up, while Manchester United midfielder Lucy Stanford played just 38 minutes in 2022.

Players can be replaced until the day before England’s first game in case of illness or injury, so the five players who receive bad news are likely to stay on the team for the next few weeks.

Watch the team’s announcement live from St George’s Park on Sky Sports News at 17:00 and listen to the head coach of the England national team Sarina Wigman at 5:30 p.m. Also stay up-to-date on Sky Sports digital platforms.

Anton Tolui, Susie Wreck and Flo Lloyd-Hughes join Kail Woker for a 19.30 live broadcast from the England training base and all the reactions to the team’s announcement.

Euro 2022: groups…

Group A: England, Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland

Group B: Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland

Group C: Netherlands, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland

Group D: France, Italy, Belgium, Iceland

Euro 2022: calendar…

Group stage

Wednesday, July 6

Group A: England v. Austria – start at 20:00, Old Trafford

Thursday, July 7th

Group A: Norway v. Northern Ireland – start at 20:00, Sv. Mary

Friday, July 8

Group B: Spain v. Finland – start at 17:00, stadium MK

Group B: Germany v. Denmark – start at 20:00, London Community Stadium

Saturday, July 9

Group C: Portugal v. Switzerland – start at 17:00, Leigh Sports Village

Group C: Netherlands v. Sweden – start at 8pm, Bramall Lane

Sunday, July 10

Group D: Belgium v. Iceland – start at 5pm at Manchester City Academy Stadium

Group D: France v. Italy – start at 20:00, New York Stadium

Monday, July 11th

Group A: Austria v. Northern Ireland – start at 17:00, St. Mary

Group A: England v Norway – start at 8pm, Brighton and Hove Community Stadium

Tuesday, July 12th

Group B: Denmark v. Finland – start at 17:00, stadium MK

Group B: Germany v. Spain – start at 20:00 at London Community Stadium

Wednesday, July 13

Group C: Sweden v. Switzerland – start at 5pm, Bramall Lane

Group C: Netherlands – Portugal – start at 20.00, Leigh Sports Village

Thursday, July 14

Group D: Italy v. Iceland – start at 5pm at Manchester City Academy Stadium

Group D: France v. Belgium – start at 20:00, New York Stadium

Friday, July 15th

Group A: Northern Ireland – England – start at 20:00, St. Mary

Group A: Austria v Norway – start at 20:00, Brighton and Howe Community Stadium

Saturday, July 16

Group B: Finland v. Germany – start at 20.00, stadium MK

Group B: Denmark v. Spain – start at 20:00, London Community Stadium

Sunday, July 17

Group C: Switzerland v. The Netherlands – start at 5pm, Bramall Lane

Group C: Sweden v. Portugal – start at 17:00, Leigh Sports Village

Monday, July 18th

Group D: Iceland v. France – start at 20:00 at New York Stadium

Group D: Italy v. Belgium – start at 20:00 at Manchester City Academy Stadium

Exclusion phase


Wednesday, July 20

Quarterfinal 1: Group A Winners Against Group B Vice Champions – 20:00 Start, Brighton and Hove Community Stadium

Thursday, July 21

Quarterfinal 2: Group B winners against Group A vice-champions at 20:00 at London Community Stadium

Friday, July 22

3rd quarter final: Group C winners against Group D vice-champions – start at 8pm, Leigh Sports Village

4th quarterfinal: Group D winners against Group C vice-champions at 20:00 at New York Stadium


Tuesday, July 26

1st semifinal: Winners of the quarter-finals 1 against the winners of the quarter-finals 3 – start at 8pm, Bramall Lane

Wednesday, July 27th

2nd semifinal: Winner 2nd quarter final against 4th quarter final – start at 20.00, stadium MK


Sunday, July 31

Winners semifinal 1 against winner semifinal 2 – start 17:00, Wembley

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