Stranger Things will have a 5th season and it will be the last

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SERIES – There will be a lot for fans to understand Stranger things. This Thursday, February 17, the show’s cast shared new posters for the upcoming season 4, as well as an open letter to fans from showrunners Matt and Ross Duffer. The Duffer Brothers have released some details that fans of the Netflix series have been especially waiting for, including the release date for the next season.

And the first news is that there are not one, but two release dates, as this season will be split into two volumes. Volume 1 will air from 27th May and Volume 2 will air five weeks later from 1st July. The second big news is that the show will definitely have a 5th season and unfortunately it will be the last.

“Seven years ago, we planned the entire arc of the story Stranger things. At the time, we predicted that the story would last four or five seasons. It turned out to be too long to tell in four, but – as you will see for yourself – we are now hurrying towards our end”, write the presenters of the show.

Planning a separate series?

As for the Season 4 split, an unusual process for Netflix, the two brothers justify it this way:

And that’s not all: a phrase from the Duffer brothers suggests that a standalone series may be in the works:

“There are still many interesting stories in the world that need to be told Stranger things: new secrets, new adventures, new unexpected heroes. But first, we hope you’ll stick with us as we finish this story about a powerful girl named Eleven and her brave friends, a broken police chief and fierce mother, a small town called Hawkins, and from another dimension known only as Feet Up. “. That should give fans some comfort.

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