Stratasys introduces new resins for even more realistic color 3D prints

3D copy of the hand printed with the new Stratasys Agilus30 Colors resin (photo credits: Stratasys)

The American giant Stratasys does not cease to amaze with its mastery of color 3D printing and the realism of detail obtained thanks to special technology. Today, the 3D printer manufacturer introduced three new color resins that will enhance its Polyjet 3D printers D7 and J8 series. Substances called Agilus30 Cyan, Agilus30 Magenta and Agilus30 Yellow, which will allow users to achieve an even more realistic level of design.

Colored prototypes, which look like the end product, are time consuming, expensive, and previously virtually unworkable. In this context, Strasys has evolved Agilus30 colors, a resin that takes the available rigid materials and refines them to include flexible color modeling that can determine accurate shore hardness values. This allows designers to produce color prints and prototypes that look and feel similar to the final product – essential requirements for ultra-realistic design.

These new materials allow our customers to achieve a higher level of realistic design (from color to texture to flexibility); they can enhance their 3D printing capabilities and create without limits says Shamir Shoham, vice president of design at Stratasys. ” We have seen the incredible impressions of our customers; they are so realistic that it is difficult to distinguish 3D printed models from real ones. These new materials open up many opportunities, especially in the entertainment and consumer goods sectors. »

The shoe prototype is printed using Agilus30 materials for optimal color and flexibility

The shoe prototype is printed using Agilus30 materials for optimal color and flexibility (photo credits: Stratasys)

The J7 and J8 series 3D printers are designed for high-capacity, high-speed printing from multiple materials for a variety of design and engineering jobs. With new Agilus Colors materials, Stratasys is primarily for designers who want to tailor their design and printing to their specific business needs. In order to catch up with creative people, a population that still has some barriers to making 3D printing more democratic, the company has set up collaboration with addobe.

Launched last October, this partnership with a graphics software benchmark has created a new workflow for Substance 3D Painter software that allows design offices to easily turn digital 3D images into printed color models.

By incorporating 3D printed models into the product design process, artists, designers, and their customers can see, touch, and interact with the product prototype, which would be impossible in a purely digital world. A method to ensure that the final product meets the original design goal.

Bicycle handles are printed with Agilus30 Colors resin

Bicycle handlebars printed with Agilus30 Colors resin (photo credits: Stratasys)

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