Students are preparing for a ball field in Schuylkill County

Masonry and carpentry students work together to prepare a baseball field for players.

FRACKVILLE, Pa. – Students at the Schuylkill Technology Center are working hard to complete their final project by the end of the school year, building a new Frackville Little League lodge.

“This is an educational opportunity for my cooperative education students to show their fellow classmates what they learned in their cooperative while working for their employers. In this case, it was concrete laying and finishing, ”explains mason instructor Scott Allvore.

Masonry and carpentry students worked together to create new shelters where minor league teams could properly store their equipment they didn’t have before.

This gave Schuylkill Haven baseball player Ryan Johns a way to return to the baseball community to which he belonged throughout his teaching career.

“I like it. It helps the community a lot. That makes our school very representative and good to the community. And all the students here should be proud of themselves,” said Johns, a mini-carpenter.

Ryan saw the baseball field from another angle as he finished covering the roof of the softball barn.

“It’s our first job and one of my first jobs in the real world. So it gives me a lot of experience. It helps me realize that I know what I’m doing, ”adds Johns.

This project also introduced students to another program at the Schuylkill Technology Center and other aspects of construction.

“The most surprising thing is that we learn more about carpentry. Since I never watch or do anything in the store, it’s really fun to watch them do their job. And I think they were also surprised when we laid the concrete, ”says mason Rian Ramos.

Volunteers from the Frackville Little League team say these high school students ran home with this brand new softball hut.

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