Students: What are the 20 best cities to study in 2023?

Courrier International has just revealed the best cities for students to study in.

Are you planning to study abroad? This article is made for you. Indeed, our colleagues at Courrier International have just revealed the 20 best cities for prospective students. Cities where it is good to live and where you will get the best education.

A little escape

It must be said that being a student these days is not easy. Especially because of Covid-19. It must be admitted that nowadays we talk a little less about the virus. However, it still exists and can still wreak havoc. How could it be in 2020.

Indeed, when he came to the world and especially to France, many students went through a difficult period. And not just because some have signed a contract. That’s all that came out of it, which was the problem, as most have said.

These young people, who have to remain locked up at home during their incarceration, suffered a lot psychologically. Many studies have just proven this. In addition, the doctors have recently addressed the ministers with an open letter.

According to this:“75% of medical students suffer from pathological anxiety”. Among the diseases, fatigue and anxiety are increasingly common among young people. However, there is a silver lining to all of this.

Indeed, “thanks” to Covid-19, more and more students are ready to talk about their illnesses. They also use the opportunity to talk about their other problems and therefore can benefit from it. Unfortunately, we also see that many problems have arisen.

For this reason, leaving France to study elsewhere is still a popular route for young people. To find out different places in the world, escape and learn new things. We invite you to go a few lines below to learn more.

Students: What are the 20 best cities to study in 2023?

20 best cities for students

On the other hand, it doesn’t say that you don’t suffer huge computer error depending on the institution chosen. As it was in Poitiers a few days ago. Causing a little stress for the students.

On the other hand, if the students are going to the USA, more precisely to Texas, they may be able to Take the Harry Styles course. Indeed, the teacher aims to dedicate the course to the history of the artist.

But then what are the best cities to study in? According to our colleagues at Courrier InternationalWHO passed the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) classificationthree cities are tied.

London, Munich and Seoul would be the best cities for students. A little further away are Zurich, Melbourne and Berlin respectively. Finally, at the bottom of the rankings, New York, Lausanne and Vancouver bring up the rear.

Note that from many Asian cities have entered rank. Even if they aren’t at the top of the list, they make a great entrance and can take off in many places over the years. Provided that the virus does not appear again in the future.

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