Successful adoption of ready-made artificial intelligence depends on close business coordination, says research group Info-Tech

According to the new research guide, organizations face several challenges when trying to adopt an artificial intelligence solution, including data problems, ethics and compliance considerations, business process challenges, and inconsistent management goals. When choosing the right product to meet business needs, organizations should know what questions to ask vendors to ensure they fully understand the implications of purchasing an AI or machine learning (ML) product.

In the plan, Info-Tech considers two main types of finished products and artificial intelligence solutions. The first type has AI / ML capabilities built into the product and may require training as part of the implementation. These solutions include search engines powered by artificial intelligence, chat rooms, and tools for business intelligence or visualization.

“When choosing a tool powered by artificial intelligence, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and make a product you can buy,” he says. Irina Sedenko, Director of Research at Info-Tech Research Group. “However, be prepared when using ready-made solutions to circumvent the limitations of the tool and make sure you understand the data and the model on which the tool is built.”

The second type includes ready-made ML / AI models that are pre-built, pre-trained, and pre-optimized for a specific task. Examples include language models or image recognition models that can be used to speed up and simplify the development of ML / AI systems.

“When choosing an ML / AI model, the use of ready-made models allows for an agile approach to systems development,” explains Sedenko. “This allows for faster proof of concept and validation of ideas and approaches, but the model may not be adaptable to your requirements.”

The research plan describes how organizations can successfully implement an already prepared artificial intelligence solution. To ensure value, they need to start by clearly defining the business case and understanding their data. Info-Tech recommends that you be familiar with the following considerations before considering a ready-made AI solution:

  1. Business goals – A clearly defined statement of the problem and business requirements for the tool or model will help organizations choose the right solution to provide business value, even if it does not have the latest features.
  2. Data requirements – Determining the expected profit or loss defines the data requirements for implementation. Organizations should know if they have the right data to train and implement the model.
  3. Skills training – New skills and expertise are needed at all stages of implementation, including planning, construction, deployment, support and maintenance activities, and post-production support, scaling and takeover.
  4. Data architecture and infrastructure – The new tool or model will affect the organization’s cloud and integration strategy. It will need to be integrated with existing infrastructure, either in the cloud or on site.
  5. Product, tool or model selection – Consider the questions that organizations will need to ask themselves when choosing a solution. These include the question of which model drives the AI ​​tool, the data that was used to train the tool, and what data is needed to run the solution.
  6. Measuring the impact on processes – Business processes need to be defined or updated to incorporate the results of the tool back into business processes to deliver value. IT management and support processes need to be adapted to a new tool powered by artificial intelligence.
  7. Realize and measure business value – Organizations should have a clear understanding of the value that artificial intelligence will bring and measure the effects on revenue and operational efficiency.

View and download the full Increase business value with ready-made artificial intelligence plan.

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