Supply Chain Protection: Manufacturers rely on budget

OTAVA – Federal Liberals are urged to make room in Thursday’s budget to help Canada increase productivity and invest in new businesses as part of a pandemic-ridden supply chain simplification campaign.

For many years, Canadian companies have under-invested in technology and other tools that could help workers achieve the same results more easily than they do today.

However, following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Association of Manufacturers and Exporters fears that without a good start, Canada will lag even further behind its similar competitors.

Supply chains have been shaken by the sudden opening up of the global economy, which has led to a movement in Canada and the United States to increase production capacity on the continent itself.

Dennis Darby, president of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, says it is this planetary arrangement that encourages investment and incentives today to drive change after the pandemic and remove current tensions.

Mr Darby believes Canada needs to raise the necessary capital now and force companies to invest in the country before they start looking for opportunities elsewhere, including in the US.

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