Suzano sets 2025 goal of capturing 40 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere

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Suzano, the world’s leading producer of eucalyptus paste and a global benchmark in the manufacture of bioproducts made from eucalyptus, today announced that it has revised one of its 14 long-term goals – collectively known as the Suzano Commitments for the renewal of life *. Suzano’s goal of removing 40 million tonnes of carbon from the air by 2030 has been brought forward five years to 2025. With this revision, Suzano strengthens its ability to make an even more positive contribution to the climate of the plant, by achieving net removals of carbon from the atmosphere at a faster rate than expected.

The new five-year target will be supported by the expansion of Suzano’s forest cover, involving both increased commercial plantation operations and the setting aside of new designated conservation areas that were previously man-made. Along with these improvements, Suzano will continue to focus on reducing carbon emissions in its own operations and supply chain and will continue to improve its forest management to avoid losses in its operations, maximize productivity and increase carbon removal. At the same time, the company remains engaged in discussing new methodologies for reporting carbon emissions and removals, as well as for setting climate change-related targets, such as the initiative to set science-based targets and the guidelines of the GHG Protocol regarding land use. In order to measure its carbon absorption, Suzano only considers its standing forest base, all the wood harvested is excluded from the calculation.

The revision of the 2030 2025 target strengthens our commitment to capture carbon from the atmosphere and underlines our conviction that the fight against climate change must be a priority. The decarbonization of the world economy is an issue that requires serious attention and is of the utmost importance for present and future generations. said Walter Schalka, CEO of Suzano.

Suzano argues that in order for concrete carbon emission reduction targets to be achieved in the long term, governments, businesses and society must set and meet short and medium term targets. Suzano participated in a series of events and meetings with other companies, Brazilian government officials and world leaders, to address topics to be discussed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) , which will be attended by representatives of Suzano.

*The Renewal of life commitments de Suzano are communicated annually and verified by an independent third party.

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