T10 should be seen as exceeding the entertainment quotient: Chappell

Concerned about the future of cricket, former Australian captain Ian Chappell says the sport’s administrators would do well not to add T10 to the range of options they already offer.

Chappell, one of the greatest people to have played the game, believes that an “all-out debate” about the future of cricket is long overdue and that there should be a “firm decision” about how many formats are best for the game. they arrived first.

“A discussion on this topic is long overdue. It is not too late, but the list of participants has grown, given the relative strength of the women’s game and the substantial impact of climate change,” Chappell wrote on ESPNcricinfo.

“Playing styles have changed drastically over the decades and there is still no plan for the future of cricket. Just as there was during the World Series Cricket (WSC) uprising in the 1970s, the administration is moving forward, fueled mainly by backlash.

“The WSC (World Series Cricket) uprising was exaggerated by pay and conditions, but it was the 50-over game that eventually prospered. Now T20 is the title format, with Test cricket occasionally getting favorable mentions from players,” he added.

Chappell also touched on Ben Stokes’ sudden decision to walk away from the ODI format, saying it was not unexpected but nonetheless a cause for concern.

“The 50-over game is a good game of cricket that is rewarding for its entertainment value. These are generally the sentiments of older players who have only known the two formats.

“Today’s players often put the IPL in particular and T20 in general first in terms of satisfaction.

“This is why the future of the game requires careful consideration. A firm decision is needed on how many formats of play are most suitable for cricket. Once that is decided, it needs to be confirmed how the formats should be taken forward to ensure that that the game will evolve.” ,” he said.

Players should always be involved in promoting the sport, the Australian great said.

“Any positive promotion of the game should go hand-in-hand with the players, and that includes women cricketers. An international players’ association with Indian representation should be a mandatory part of cricket’s future.” Chappell added: “The history of cricket needs to be carefully considered before deciding on a future path. The limited-overs game evolved because of the perceived boredom with Test cricket.

“After that, T20 grew rapidly against the backdrop of the supposed stagnation of 50-over cricket. This begs the question of what happens if fans get bored with the 20-over game.” “Cricket is already dabbling with T10 leagues and it is not difficult to imagine the game embracing more of the format. T10 should be seen as exaggerating the entertainment quotient and not a format to be embraced by professional players.” Chappell said that T20 cricket can be unfulfilling for a cricketer due to lack of roles and time, but he understood that the current player has to provide for his family.

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