The Battle of Alberta brings good business to Saskatchewan

While the battle between the Edmonton Oilers and the Calgary Flames is heating up in Alberta, it has also broken through to Saskatchewan.

Sports venues and shops have been busy since the two teams first met in the first game of the second round.

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Fans have been waiting since 1991 for both teams to face each other in the Stanley Cup final. Now that the time has finally come, fans are cheering out loud with their vote and wallets.

“It’s been 31 years, so everyone’s excited about it,” said Cord Ivanco, an Olympic sports salesman. “You want to support your team and so you have to buy jerseys, hats, whatever, to support your team. So it absolutely (slightly) flew off the shelves. “

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The sports bars in Saskatoon were full during the games when people cheered for their favorite team.

“We had to open our last room for that,” said Emma Bartlett, supervisor at Hudsons Canada’s Pub Saskatoon. “Every night we play a game with the sound on, so people like it.”

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Ivanco said jersey sales increased during the team playoffs. Some might say the store is strategically placing Oilers and Flames souvenirs in hopes of selling more.

“Calgary and Edmonton are closer teams, the longer they get to the playoffs, obviously people will come and buy more things and wear them because you’re proud that your team has moved on to the next round,” he said. .

Local businesses hope there will be more such situations in the future, not just with the Battle of Alberta, but for all Canadian teams.

“We had a lot of work to do for that,” Bartlett said. “Everyone is getting very excited about having two Canadian teams in the second round, and we also had a lot of big deals when the Toronto Maple Leafs also played.”

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The Oilers are currently leading the series of top seven with a 2-1 lead, with the chance to take a 3-1 lead with a win on Tuesday night in Edmonton.

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