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Clash Royale is a fun and competitive mobile multiplayer battle game where you deploy different types of troops to lay siege to enemy towers and aim for victory. Play with friends or compete with other players in the arena, try your luck in tournaments or participate in special events. During battle, you can upgrade your troops and earn rewards by unlocking them in the battle pass or spending points in the shop. You can collect new banners, troop cards and even animated emotes. These emoticons are a great way to interact with others while you play. Some are so exclusive that collecting them requires completing unique challenges. Which are the best? Here’s a list of some we think are top notch!

Electro Wizard Laughs

Image via Clash Royale

The Electro Wizard Laugh emoticon shows a crazy wizard with his arms crossed, wearing a glowing neon crown, taunting his opponents as he’s surrounded by lightning. While some find this emote annoying, it has become a funny meme for others who like to make a humorous statement to their co-workers with Magic’s heart-breaking laugh. This emote is not exclusive and can be found in the 250 gem shop.

Goblin’s Kiss Trophy

Image via Clash Royale

This emote is exclusive where the goblin, equipped with his shining crown, proudly kisses his shining trophy, symbolizing a great victory or the next. Because this emote is exclusive, it is no longer available in the store. This was part of the 2018 World Finals as a reward for those who linked their Supercell accounts and watched the finals.

The royal ghost with the gem

Image via Clash Royale

The Royal Ghost with Gems emote is another exclusive emote that players were only rewarded with at the start of the game. It could only be obtained by getting the legendary trophies you earned by taking your place in the arena. This means that this emote was very difficult to obtain, and only OG players from before 2017 could add this ghostly figure and his precious shiny gem to their collection.

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Pekka popping balloons

Image via Clash Royale

The Pekka Popping Balloons emote features the iconic character Pekka popping a chain of balloons with the tip of his sword, and is a fun and silly emote designed to celebrate Clash Royale’s fourth anniversary. This emote is an exclusive that players could only get by participating in a one-off Youtube tournament during the anniversary event, and unfortunately, it cannot be claimed otherwise.

the naughty cake

Image via Clash Royale

Another exclusive birthday event emote is the Rascal Cake emote, which remains one of the best and rarest emotes out there. This little pirate rascal comes out of a frosted pink cake with a festive touch. Players could get this emotion only by participating in the Youtube tournament in 2019. It was only available two days before release, so it remains one of the rarest.

Mini Pekka Dance

Image via Clash Royale

Mini Pekka is happily dancing to the happy melody of the robot in this Dance Mini Pekka emoticon. While this emote isn’t exclusive, it’s still one of the best just because it’s cute. There’s always a good time to break into a dance, win or lose, and that emotion is made all the more enjoyable with the adorable mini-character. You can find it in a random shop for 250 gems.

Chicken Royale

Image via Clash Royale

Chicken Royale is a unique and exclusive emote, but it is still free and available to everyone in Clash Royale. This silly clucking chick is a champion with his golden crown, and he can be yours by opening the game settings and linking your account with a Supercell ID. To protect your Clash Royale account, you must provide an active email account and you will be rewarded with this fun emoticon to use in battle.

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20 Defeat the Goblin

Image via Clash Royale

20 win Goblin is another rare emote in Clash Royale as it is an exclusive reward emote that players only get if they complete the 20 win challenge in 2019. It was not an easy task – the players had to win 20 times. per week, which means only the best of the best were able to achieve it and why the goblin emoji is one of the rarest. The emote shows a goblin wearing a golden crown with a red and blue painted face. The goblin gives two thumbs up and a maddened smile until a large trophy falls down from the sky on top of him, displaying a dazzling 20 on the front.

a crying skeleton

Image via Clash Royale

A quivering bony skeleton moans and cries as a stream of tears pours from its hollow eyes in this sad but adorable emote, Crying Skeleton. Although not exclusive, this emote is still suitable for many situations in Clash Royale and is a great way for players to symbolize their feelings towards their opponents, especially when things don’t go their way. This Crying Skeleton is available in the shop at random times and can be purchased for 250 gems.

Mini Pekka Crepe

Image via Clash Royale

Any Clash Royale fan would know that Pekka loves pancakes and this emote is proof of that. Mini Pekka is holding a huge plate of pancakes covered in syrup and butter, happily exclaiming, “Pancakes!” This is not an exclusive emote, although similar Pekka emotes are exclusive. This ability is available to anyone at a random shop and can be purchased for 250 gems. Wait for the right moment to grab this cute Pekka emoticon and show it to your friends.

Here are some of what we think are the best emotes in Clash Royale. While some of these are exclusive, some are still available in the store. Tell us which exclusives are in your collection or let us know your thoughts on the best emotes in the comments below!

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