The best open source browsers for Windows 11/10

Many of the most popular web browsers are “closed source”, but some are open source but are associated with large companies that only want to collect your personal information for any reason. Now, if you are thinking of avoiding such shackles, what about using a real open source web browser? We have some we want to share. We like to encourage the use of open source software whenever possible, and this is one case where it’s 100% possible, so let’s get started.

Open source browser for Windows 11/10

These are the best of the best open source alternative browsers for your Windows 11/10 computer:

  1. Waterfox
  2. pale moon
  3. Double
  4. Basil
  5. Mozilla Firefox.



You may have already heard of Waterfox, but it is a fast and wonderful web browser based on the Mozilla Firefox kernel. It has been around since 2011 and focuses mainly on speed and not on anything else or habit. Today, Waterfox does not collect telemetry data and supports the use of Silverlight and Java applets.

It is only available in 64-bit format, so keep this in mind before attempting to download and install. Download Waterfox from the site official website.

Lily: A comparison of PaleMoon and Firefox.

2]Pale moon

The best open source browsers for Windows 10

Here is another web browser that is a fork in Mozilla Firefox, although it uses the Goanna rendering engine. In addition, it only takes advantage of the Firefox 4-28 user interface to offer better customizations.

Of course, the main reason you want to use Pale Moon is its customization capabilities and, yes, its open source nature. Also note that this browser runs in a single process mode, which is different from regular Firefox. Download Pale Moon from the site official website.


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Okay, so we’ve seen some weird web browser names before, and this is definitely one of them. However, the word doesn’t matter in the big case, especially because Dooble is very focused on protecting your privacy. This bad boy will automatically delete cookies, block iFrames and even take advantage of authenticated encryption of stored data.

The browser looks like Firefox, but we can’t be sure if it’s really based on Firefox. We know that users can add a password for extra protection. Basically, no one could use Dooble without knowing your added password.

Note that the FTP browser is supported here, so if you want to connect to your web server, it’s all possible here. Download Dooble from official website.


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Oh yes, another open source web browser based on Firefox. You should definitely consider whether we are affiliated with Mozilla or something else. In any case, Basilisk, unlike Pale Moon, is based on Firefox 29 and later. In addition, both web browsers are developed and maintained by the same team.

Keep in mind that Basilisk first came out in 2017; so there is a baby on this list. In addition, this beauty supports today’s web cryptography standards, which means your private messages are safe. Download Basilisk from official website.

5]Mozilla Firefox

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Now everyone should be familiar with Firefox, an older web browser than many modern Internet users. Not only that, but most of the innovation we’ve seen in web browsers started with Firefox, an old guard that’s constantly learning new tricks.

Over the years, Mozilla has taken privacy very seriously, and Firefox is now one of the most privacy-aware downloadable web browsers. If you don’t want Google, Facebook and other social networks to follow you, Firefox is your special friend.

Firefox is currently second only to Google Chrome, and you know what? That could change in the coming years as more and more people begin to realize how bad Google is about privacy.

Some of the other open source browsers we’d like to mention are Brave, Lynx, Midori, Tor, and of course Chrome-based Chromium.

Overall, these web browsers are great, some better than others. However, we want you to decide which is the best, so download them all for your enjoyment. Which would you recommend?


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