The best players at Fortnite are not happy with the state of the game

Professional Fortnite players have reached a breaking point before the 2nd season of FNCS Chapter 3.

Sentiment about competitive Fortnite is at an all-time low. Although the game’s Zero Build mode has intensified it from a peaceful perspective, the best competitors are on your mind. With the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) season only a week-old public generally expressed concern via Twitter.

The complaints are certainly nothing new in the Fortnite scene. In fact, it has become a vicious circle that is constantly failing. Unfortunately, this season has led to a turning point in many of Fortnite’s most famous names. This situation has led players to hope that Epic Games will act before it is too late.

Twitlonger de Mero draws attention

Many of Fortnite’s best talents, including five-time FNCS champion Mero and World Cup champion Bugha, have expressed their thoughts. The first has been a timeless competitor for several seasons. Mero especially won the last two FNCS Chapter 2 tournaments and won FNCS Chapter 3 Season 1 with Bugha. NA East’s long record, Twitlonger, provides insight into the minds of many contestants.

Mero cited four examples of epic flaws that directly affected the competitive landscape:

  • Players are eliminated from the main FNCS qualifiers and Epic chooses not to start
  • Hackers are constantly finding ways to participate in cash tournaments
  • The goal of the Performance Cup is a secret
  • Lack of communication and Fortnite Professional Players Association (FNPPA)

The problems described by Mero have been common in the Fortnite space for some time. Unfortunately, these problems are ultimately related to the communication that Mero highlighted in his long post. Although some players refuse to give Epic credit, developers have been much more open and open lately than in previous seasons. However, Mero feels that complaints about Fortnite’s condition tend to fall on his inaudible ears.

Bugha and others agree that something needs to change

Mero’s review focuses on the overall picture, while many others find it difficult to look beyond the current meta. Last season, professional players wanted the Spiderman item removed from the game. Epic never completely removed the item, instead choosing to balance it. Cars and trucks have become a big problem this season. The clip above shows, thanks to Fangoszn, what happened to the final games of the 2nd season of Chapter 3.

Players can place the Chonkers vehicle fashion on a semi-load and combine it with the new repair tool. It’s a deadly combination that allows competitors to sit in a vehicle with minimal risk. In addition, players find that SMG is still too strong, hackers are rampant, and servers are untrusted.

Bugha, Fortnite’s only world champion, put Homer’s Simpson mute on Twitter with a sign saying “It’s over.” It is alarming to read such a message from the most successful Fortnite player in history. The various problems reported at the scene may not be resolved in the short term. Maybe Epic could remove the repair tool or make the item less effective. As for other concerns, developers may need to go deeper.

The ball is now on the Epic Games field after a night of frustrated players and their criticism of the competitive Fortnite in its current form. The 2nd season of FNCS Chapter 3 will start next week, and it is unclear how this story will develop.

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