The best Shadow Legends Raid champions

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Raid Shadow Legends is a turn-based dark fantasy RPG game. Players will delve into underground prisons, battlefields, temples and more in the world of TV, fighting the dark Lord Sirot and his upcoming armies. By winning battles and collecting coins, artifacts and fragments, they can collect more champions to join their army and upgrade them to become bigger and better. Each of these champions has unique abilities, some of them prone to heavy attacks, while others to strengthen and protect. Don’t know which champions to look for? Here are some of the best!


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Raglins is one of the best support champions due to his healing abilities with very low cooling. She can revive an ally with 75% hp with a full revolution meter, and it only takes two revs to charge, which means she’s the boss to keep her allies alive and make sure they do damage. She can also remove all Allied debuffs, improve their defenses, and cure them based on her attack.


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Arbiter is another fantastic support option and one of the fastest, making it a great choice in the arena. She can revive all the dead allies while giving them extra turn. She tries to weaken all enemy players with her quick attacks, reducing the influence of their lovers while strengthening the attack and increasing the speed of her allies.

Scyl of the Drakes

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Scila is a great defensive champion because she is able to repel enemy attacks, protect her allies and sneak quick, deadly blows that can do damage. His attacks have the potential to slow down enemies and potentially stun them. They are also based on damage based on his protection, which can be critical with proper installation. Scyl can also revive allies with their protection and heal all allies with 10% HP every turn!

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Valkyrie may be listed as a defending champion, but is poised to become a more offensive fighter. She constantly lowers the enemy’s turning meters with each attack, while increasing her meter by placing enemies in the enemies. His cunning counterattacks allow him to cut down towers and give him strength to his allies with shields and increased defenses. She has an AoE attack that also provides her allies with unique shields and counter-attack fans, making every enemy attack an attack on you.

Krisk Eternal

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Krisk the Ageless is an extremely valuable tank protector for your team. He tries to counter enemy attacks with ridicule and can easily resist them using continuous healing and debuff counters. His AoE attacks provide allies with shields and longer time for their lovers. He also effectively improves team speed and defense, and prepares them when it’s time to hit.

Necreth the Great

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Nekret the Great is a stunning defense champion with his allied defense skills and is one of the only champions with six different abilities. Defending his allies allows teammates to join him in attacks, provides them with shields, gives them strength, and blocks them from debuffing. This allows for a number of team-based attacks that can cause huge damage and make it almost impossible for enemies to do damage themselves.

An angel of the tomb

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Thea the Tomb Angel is probably one of the strongest champions available, as it’s all about his hexagon. Thea can place multiple hexagonal enemies, which is equal to 300% stacking, and her attack damage is increased for each hex placed. This means that his attack can be incredibly powerful and aimed at all enemies. She motivates her fellow allies with an increased attack, scares her enemies and is able to give extra turns to get more unsuspecting blows.

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Cold heart

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Although she is only a rare champion, Coldheart is still one of the best, as her skills weaken the enemy in several areas and expose them to the blows of the future. His arrows allow him to hit several times in one move and a lot of enemies. They have the ability to place debuffs that reduce healing by 100%, reduce enemy accuracy, or poison them. His Heartseeker attack allows him to hit an enemy with damage equal to his maximum health while reducing the turning meter by 100%! This basically prevents the enemy from moving and prevents him from attacking, which is extremely useful for their team.


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Zavia is one of the deadliest and fastest nuclear weapons in the game. She not only increases the attacks on allies, but also wounds enemies with her deadly venom. She is able to attack the target several times or all at once, and each attack spreads its poison over its prey, which can affect those two revolutions. His attacks also spread enemy debuffs, preventing them from fighting. Better yet, if his Deadly Catalyst attack kills enemies, they won’t be able to resuscitate them by permanently knocking them out of battle.


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The Martyr is another champion of the defense tanks, who in turn are able to destroy the enemy’s defenses, allowing their allies to do enormous damage. With each attack, she reduces her opponents’ defensive debuffs and provokes her attention to protect her satellites. She strengthens her team with increased protection and advantageous counter-attacking moments. She is essential to the success of her team and allows them to stand out while serving as a strong shield.

These are just the top ten Raid Shadow Legends champions, but there are many available and everyone has great new skills to discover. Who are the mandatory champions or the ones you would like to try? Be sure to check out these Shadow Legends Raid codes for free game prizes and benefits!

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