“The community has given me a lot of confidence…”

Paulo Dybala was presented this Tuesday, July 26, 2022, at 14:30 during the press conference in Trigoria. Tonight it will be served during the tifosi event at Colosseum square (Fendi)

Here in Roma you will find very stable ownership, a manager who needs no introduction and a group that has started to win. Is it right to start raising the level of ambition, to start talking about the Scudetto race? (Sky Sports)

“I think he is too early to talk about the Scudetto now. There is a lot of desire from everyone. Roma won a very important trophy to have bigger ambitions in the future. Everybody likes to win and I think that should be our goal: to win game after game.. Then later we will see where we are to pursue bigger goals. But for the Scudetto, I think there are teams ahead of us at the moment. However, we have to work calmly and think match by match.

Did you feel like you were betrayed by Inter? (Paradise)

” Not at all. Since the end of my contract with Juventus, my agents talked to a lot of teams and you talked about teams especially. I have a very good relationship with Marota. Many teams have come together. Then at some point Pinto arrived in Turin and many things have changed”.

From a tactical point of view, do you prefer to see yourself as a second striker or a three-quarter player? So how important is Mourinho’s call in your choice to come here. (sports)

“I answer the first question that it will be a coach’s job. Certainly, depending on the games, he will find the best solutions for me and the team. I am open to both positions, to play where he wants “.

“As for the call sir, it was a huge pleasure. I had contact with the director for the first time. Then one day Mourinho suddenly wrote to me and we spoke again. I had the opportunity and pleasure to meet the president and his son, I spoke with the director and knew some of the players. I believe that every call and expression of love meant a lot to me “.

What are the beliefs given by società, can they be turned into goals? (Mediaset)

“The first question I asked the coach was what we are aiming for. I like to win, he likes to win and there are a lot of guys here who have won important titles. During our exchange, the coach and the club gave me the benchmarks you already know: the seriousness with which the club works and the enthusiasm that is created between the players and the people who work around them.

What surprised you about the support from the fans and if you score against Juve, will you celebrate the goal? (ANSA)

“No, I wouldn’t be happy to score against Juve. I’m very interested to see what happens tonight. Thanks to social networks, we are in close contact, we are closer to people and there was no shortage of declarations of affection even before arrival. I know it’s a very hot place and people are always close. So then, I am very interested to see and hug them tonight “.

What differences did you find between Roma and Juve and were Totti’s comments on point? (Corriere dello sports)

“I meet a lot of new people, I still have to learn the names of the people who work around us. I see a club that is organized in all aspects and helps me in everything. I am happy with the way they treat me. Toti ? We met at Eto’o’s game. We talked a little there, but there was no conviction yet. He spoke to me positively about the Roma, we have not spoken to each other these days”.

Is it possible that the Dybala we are about to see could be the best Dybala of his entire career? (La Gazzetta dello Sport)

“I’m still working on it, I hope it goes like this. I try to put myself in the best physical condition to do this. There are a lot of matches to play, I try to take care of every little thing. I have experience at Juve, a team that is used to winning and that passed that mentality on to me. I will try to use this experience to be positive even during the difficult times that will arise during the year “.

Were they slightly wrong in their assessment of Dybala’s season? (Corriere della sera)

“When you play for Juve, more is always asked of you. I would have liked to score a lot more goals, play a lot more minutes. With the injuries, it was not possible. At the end of the year, my numbers were among the best in several aspects. Then you also look at the details. But like I said, the whole time I was there, my numbers were always among the best in many ways.

What happened to Juvi? (La Stampa)

“Director Arrivabene was clear in her statements. We had to sign the contract in October, the company asked to wait and nothing. In March we had information from the society that informed me I did not participate in the future project. It was not not an economic problem as already said, but the club chose a different path. I spoke to them and said if it’s their choice, I don’t have a problem with it. “.

From Allegri to others, they said that they believe that Rome is the right place for you. Why do you think? (Il Romanista)

I spoke a lot with Pinto, with Mourinho and with Friedkins, they gave me confidence in the project.. I don’t have much doubt about how Roma are built”.

Is the clause somehow a deed of mutual trust? (Lego)

“I think about the pitch to be good. Those are the questions to ask the agents, I think about the training. I hope everyone has a happy future “.

Among the boys you train with is Zaniolo. That do you think about him and how important it is to keep him? (his time)

“We all know Zanioloits features and what it can provide. I talked to him, the choice is his. We want strong players to remain, we know what they can give. But I can’t interfere in his future, he has to choose it “.

You signed a three-year contract, do you have ambitions to win the number 10 shirt? (Teleradiostereo)

We know who used it last. It’s an important shirt, it’s respectable. 21 is important for me, for the national team and not only. I hope it’s a number that will help me win against Roma. We don’t know about the future, but right now I’m happy with 21″.

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