The duo Safari is releasing the EP Yellow Pill.

Cousins, neighbors, Maro and Amir were practically raised together. Where they come from, from the popular Seraing district of Pré-Soray, we don’t grow up but smoke. So hurry to push. We make 400 strokes and quickly master the law dictated to us by this jungle of the city. Maybe everyone for themselves, but never alone. So they meet the ATLS, the beatmaker and the man in the shadow, he crystallizes with their sounds their desire to rap.

So, between Maro, Amiro and ATLS, it is initially a story of family and friendship. One of those unbroken friendships that is born when no one saves us from adversity. The music allowed them to escape. The passion that engulfs them makes them live every second as if it were their last. Two MC’s & and deejay / beatmaker decide to form a band: Safari.

Unaware of the fate their living conditions have foreseen, the three of them stop by the Nectar Kulture rap workshop. Immediately charismatic young people note the spirits. The animator touches their passion, their determination, but also the bad things they tell without a filter. Convinced of their talents, the Nectar team offers to sign them as performers at their publisher Nectar Musiq. The structure gives them a team, encourages them to work with their image and musical identity.

To begin with, they create the first scenes. Wild, fierce, unquenchable, they quickly become the beasts of the scene, shouting out compositions and blows inspired by Travis Scotto and PNL to a society that wants to swallow them.

The enthusiasm of the audience is real and gives them the opportunity to climb the stage, especially during the Festival des Ardentes in 2018 and then in 2019. – in the first part of Lefa. Each concert is another step towards their dreams and marks an important step in several aspects. Professionals and perfectionists, they prepare their scenes thanks to Kaer’s scenic instruction. After conquering the audience with each performance, they realize that because of their passion and ruthlessness, they can take a real place in the world of music.

Amira is then spotted by a head hunter and joins a prestigious modeling agency. A few years later, Maro joins him.
Then, thanks to the show, they meet perfectly: Dolfa, a rapper and a certified Belgian producer, a member of the band OPG. The latter advises them, approves their new Pilule Rouge / Pilule Jaune models and even creates a track together with ATLS. Both rappers come out grown up and are proud of this collaboration.
But Covidas arrives, stopping everything. A pandemic is far from a brake, but it allows Safari to take a step back and focus on the essentials. Knowing that things are happening very fast today, artists want to take advantage of that to move forward, not to follow trends, but to create something new. They are assisted in this task by the Nectar Musiq team, which, based on their experience, pushes them to free themselves in the text and take on a new direction in the music.
SAFAR concept.

The concept of multi-colored tablets was popularized by the famous science fiction film Matrix. Often one leads to a more realistic world and the other to a more dreamy universe. Safari offers you the opportunity to experiment and create a unique concept – a color-coded musical journey.

Red or yellow, the color will also depend on the trip. Red is the well-positioned top of the trap and drill that immobilizes the net. Yellow with a cloudy side takes you into a dark world, but with hope. It’s all about the roller coaster, a musical experience where you reach the bottom as much as you sometimes rub with the stars. This project is a way for Safari to validate its original, eclectic and highly polished musical identity.

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