The Empress returns French pop to Coachella.

Paula Ramon (AFP)

India, USA ●
Sunday, 2022 April 17

5:41 p.m.

French, Pop, Coachella, Festival, California, USA

Two years after the pandemic failed to make its debut on the famous Coachella stage, the French pop club L’Imperatrice is experiencing its moment in California.

“It’s a cherry on the cake,” singer Fleur Benguegui told AFP in English. “It simply came to our notice then. »

A group of six people with and without discos, formed in 2012. In Paris, he finally made it to the Coachella Theater as part of the promotional tour of his second album. taco tsubo.

“The world is different from what it was 20 years ago,” said keyboardist Charles de Boisseguin. I think people are more open to different languages. Maybe people are a little more curious. »

“In French, maybe a little ambiguous,” he added.

The band, whose additional members are Hagni Gwon (keyboards), David Gaugue (bass guitar), Achille Trocellier (electric guitar) and Tom Daveau (drums), had several EPs, but released only one full album when the pandemic broke out.

The closing gave L’Imperatrice peace and quiet so she could record a second record.

“We worked very well,” he told Benguig, explaining how they set up their studio, preparing for their return and the final tour.

‘Tears of joy’

Wearing a neon pink dress and an ensemble of fuchsia purple designer Pierre Cardino, Benguegui said the return to operating restrictions after the coronavirus was electric.

She said, “We could really feel the energy; some people even cried for joy … They were really hospitable and made it easier to finally see the live music. »

“Every gig is different, and we were very happy to be here,” Coachella, “Benguegui said.

Hundreds of people flocked to the French performance at the Gobi Theater, one of the seven desert towns of the Empire Polo Club in Indi.

The Empress, dressed in red and mustard yellow and adorned with hearts, did not allow her audience to dance without interruption for 40 minutes of filming.

Next week, the band will play the date of the second Coachella series, continuing their tour in the US.

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