The era of borderless data is coming to an end – Reuters.

However, the parties still coped. In France and Austria, customers of Google’s web analytics software, Google Analytics, which is used by many websites to collect audience numbers, have been warned this year to stop using the program because it can reveal personal data. Europeans face American espionage.

Last year, the French government canceled an agreement with Microsoft on the processing of health-related data after authorities criticized the award of the contract to a US company. Officials promised to work with local businesses.

Companies have adapted. Microsoft said it was taking steps to make it easier for customers to retain data in certain geographic areas. Amazon Web Services, Europe’s largest cloud computing service, says it gives customers control over where data is stored in Europe

In France, Spain and Germany, Google Cloud signed contracts with local technology and telecommunications providers last year to ensure that a local company maintains their data using Google products.

“We want to meet them where they are,” said Ksenia Duxfield-Karyakina, who heads Google Cloud’s public policy operations in Europe.

Liam Maxwell, director of government transformation at Amazon Web Services, said in a statement that the company will comply with European rules, but that customers should be able to purchase cloud services according to their needs, “not limited to the location of the technology vendor. “. .

Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems, who won lawsuits against Facebook over data sharing practices, said the digital dispute was on the rise. He predicted that Biden’s US-EU data deal would be overturned again by the European Court of Justice because it still did not meet EU privacy standards.

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