the first reviews of the Netflix series are already here

A few days before the release of Season 3 on Netflix.Umbrella Academy, the first spectators were able to express their views. Frustration or success?

While the Disney + and Amazon sides of the series, which features a lot of superhuman characters, are thriving and thriving, the Netflix platform now seems more outperformed than its counterparts in this chapter. The only glimmer of hope for red N, which multiplies the frustration when its programs focus on portraying superpowers (for those who remember The legacy of Jupiter supras), serials Umbrella Academy, An adaptation of a graphic novel co-written by the artist and singer Gerard Way and his co-author Gabriel Bá, named after him.

So at the end of the first two seasons, a truly unparalleled but very annoying series, Steve Blackman’s series was able to build an audience, generate enthusiasm and guarantee a third season that will go down on the screens in a few days. . And the time has come when the series, like many others, has blamed a pandemic blow that we no longer deliver.

So two years after the last change of rock Last season, Hargreeves ’siblings returned merrily to confuse space-time, watching the first critics. Did these new episodes live up to expectations? ? Newspaper.

Here we go!

“Season 3 is still fun and definitely worth a look. But we shouldn’t trust the rumors that these new series are surpassing the previous ones.” The digital spy

“This season is full of action and dramatic twists and turns with a whole new family and new forces. As with other seasons, the finale of these new episodes isn’t as similar to Season 3. than at the beginning of season 4. mama leiduli

Umbrella Academy: photo, Justin H. Min, Jake EpsteinHello new antagonists

“Basically, Season 3 of Umbrella Academy is conceived as the opposite of the traditional superhero genre. Also, as The Boys address a number of political and capitalist issues under the guise of bloodshed and windbreakers, the Umbrella Academy is taking over the superpowers and more. travel on time, to the heart of intimate struggles, and explore the complexities of family relationships. Accelerator

“Season 3 of Umbrella Academy takes a few episodes to see its foundation, but if the viewer wants to put in a little patience, the series ends up betting on what it does best: educating every member of Hargreeves’ siblings and exploring the bonds they share with each other. another. […] These new episodes may seem less original and dynamic at first compared to previous seasons, but what they lose their minds are offset by sensitivity and clarity. IGN Entertainment

Umbrella Academy: photo, Elliot Page, Tom HopperFamily dynamics

“If season 3 of Umbrella Academy remains enjoyable and fun, these new series are on a much darker register than the previous ones, and each character in turn seems to be haunted by ghosts from the past. But make no mistake: this new season is still a lot of fun, and Hargreeves as never chaotic. However, it is time for the series to give viewers some answers to its questions, otherwise the viewer will get bored in the long run. ScreenRant

“Season 3 of the Umbrella Academy is still as unique as ever, but it takes a little too long in the early series. […] The continuation of the previous two seasons in the series is best when the characters find themselves and are able to serve each other, but a good portion of these new episodes try to separate them. […]. So it may be that this season is the weakest of the three, although it remains very hilarious and radically different from the rest of the current television landscape. It is unfortunate that Netflix refuses to take full advantage of the series. Comic book

Umbrella Academy: photo, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Tom Hopper– We’re going down a bit, aren’t we?

“I really wanted to fall in love with Umbrella Academy Season 3, and sometimes I did. at the same time both satisfied and bitterly disappointed. The good news is that Netflix has resumed the series for the fourth season, which will provide an opportunity to rectify the situation. and perhaps even convey to these characters that “we have learned to love deeply through the episodes, the end of which they deserve.” Slash movie

“This new season at Umbrella Academy is in surplus. It’s really in surplus. And yet it doesn’t bring anything new. Sure, there are new characters, new settings and a whole new apocalypse, but in the end it’s still a show about brothers and sisters who love each other more than anything and yet is very bad with each other. […]. In addition, the world continues to be threatened as Hargreeves cannot stop making mistakes. This is the third time the series has continued to be a success, and it is very likely that this dismissal will eventually lead to its collapse. landfill

Umbrella Academy: photo, Emmy Raver-Lampman, David Castañeda, Robert SheehanCrisis meeting

To put it mildly, the mixed, early reviews clearly agree that this new season looks a bit below from the previous two. Where some blame excess apocalyptic event (recycled for the third time in a row), others are more likely to question a scattered narrative, more concerned with recycling already exploited narrative arcs than creating new ones.

If this new burst of episodes responds to a deplorable lack of ambition, these first comebacks do not underscore the always unique nature of the series and its sensitive dimension. Sensitivity, which will undoubtedly be increased tenfold by the attitude towards the character of Victor, formerly Vania, whose transition reflects the actor Elliot Page.

Adventure History and Family Relations Complexity Theater, Season ThreeUmbrella Academy should therefore, if not promise an innovative and extraordinary experience, at least guarantee a friendly entertainment, from June 22nd. via Netflix.

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