The head of the Russian Academy of Sciences announced the suspension of scientific cooperation with China

Alexander Sergeyev, head of the Russian Academy of Sciences, announced the suspension of scientific cooperation with Chinese partners and the freezing of joint projects. According to him, difficulties also arise in cooperation with other countries’ academies of science, which “derail” joint activities.

“Our Chinese scientific colleagues have also stopped, and we have not been able to engage in serious discussions over the past month.” quotes Sergey Interfax.

In 2019, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Sciences signed a cooperation plan. This includes areas such as brain activity research and the Tibetan Plateau, and joint expeditions were planned to the South China Sea and the Eastern Arctic to identify sources of methane emissions. An agreement was signed with the US Academy of Sciences in the same year.

Now, according to Sergeyev, the Russian Academy of Sciences is in an unprecedented situation. She continues to contact those scientists who want to collaborate, but relations with agencies and academies in other countries, including France, Germany and the United States, have been frozen, Sergeyev said.

In late March in the UK announced on the limitation of funding for joint scientific projects with Russia of “strategic importance to the Russian State”.

At the same time, the world’s largest publishers of scientific journals released a joint statement on the suspension of sales in Russia and the services of these publishers to Russian scientific organizations. The articles of Russian scientists will be published in the services if there are positive reviews from the international community, but Russian scientists will be banned from using foreign articles. Russia accounts for two and a half percent of world science output.

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