The Korean version of La Casa de Papel presents a highly politicized first announcement! (VIDEO)

We’ve known this for weeks! Netflix will travel under the La Casa de Papel franchise. Finished the Spanish version, leave room for Korean. A trailer was unveiled this Friday, May 20, which reveals more about the script for Money Heist Korea, the title chosen for the series.

The plot takes place in Korea, which is united again after more than a century of isolation and tension. The same currency is used throughout the territory to standardize and unite the two economies. Unfortunately, this benefits part of the population: the rich. In this context, the Professor played by Yoo Ji-tae will make the decision to empty the treasury of the Mint’s office, a place in the future old neutral zone where this new currency is produced. A beautiful group of robbers with the same codenames as in the Spanish version will commit the biggest theft of all time. The story is similar to La Casa de Papel, but the geopolitical stakes are much higher.

I was intrigued by the work on recycling because it not only talks about the conflict between robbers and the police, but also adds new layers such as tension, mistrust and harmony between South and South Korea. (It’s) a situation where robbers from North Korea and South Korea join forces and police from North and South join hands to block their way. The original Money Hijacking showed how great a story can be enjoyed anywhere, and Korean content has the same power. We look forward to seeing how the world reacts when we unite this epic story with the best Korean talent and a passionate global fan.“Explained Ryu Yong-jae, the screenwriter for this new version, and Keo Lee, Content Director at Netflix Korea.

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