The Low-Tech Journal promotes technological sobriety

Technology and ecology rarely go together. Unfortunately, this is not surprising, but the digital sector has a very large carbon footprint. Therefore, “low technology” seems to be a particularly appropriate response to environmental challenges.

Sustainable (because they are made from as much recycled and environmentally friendly materials as possible), they aim to provide local and low-cost technological solutions to meet primary needs. And that’s in many areas: from the creation of a solar oven to a microscope printed on paper, through LEDs created from bleach residue. So many initiatives that have caught the attention of journalist Jacques Tiberi are a brand new media initiative: Low Technology Magazine. Anyone who describes himself as a low tech transaction hunter “States: “What could be better than a paper magazine to help move on to a simpler, freer and more energy-efficient life? “.

Because highly detailed 400-page guides can deter more than one, Low Technology Magazine suggests moving to the essential. In the magazine program:

  • Soft Technology and Resilient Lifestyle News;
  • textbooks and recipes DIY tested and approved experts, easy to reproduce at home;
  • full of addresses of good associations and joint seminars where you can train and work;
  • advice on getting dressed, dressing up and getting tools from local craftsmen who share ecological values;
  • and for fans of major reports: a special 2022 A Christmas issue with 150 pages of oil and electricity travel stories.

Recycled paper and less ink

That ecology flooded all the pages of the magazine, everything was carefully selected. Printed on paper on 90 grams of recycled paper, Low Technology Magazine written in economical fonts that use as little ink as possible. In terms of his websiteit is minimalist and offers only bright images for less digital pollution.

2022 Low Technology Magazine However, like most press releases, there will be a global shortage of paper that will cause prices to rise sharply. That’s why the magazine can be sold in advance KissKissBankBank. “The best way to reach a large community and better plan your print volumes to avoid waste”writes the media on its crowdfunding campaign page.

Multiple packages available. For example, a one-year, six-issue subscription to the magazine is offered for € 20. To which will have to be added 10 euros if the low-tech menu of the designer of eco-friendly graphic novels Vito is enticed. Vito Paris, nomadic cities and Utopian. The money raised should be used to pay for reviewers and graphic designers who create the newspaper.

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