The new Brikl Developer Portal drives sales potential through a new generation of integrations

LEUVEN, Belgium, 2022 May 16 / PRNewswire / – BrickMicroStore, the world’s leading technology partner for personalized and promotional businesses and suppliers, today proudly announced its developer portal.

Brikl’s developer portal Brikl enables current, potential retailers and developers to quickly integrate next – generation Brikl technology into existing solutions with direct access to a suite of tools and resources.

“By working with the developer community beyond the next generation of technology, we can add more value to our merchants and future technology partners. Tobias MeiksnerBriklo CTO comments.

“Our developer portal gives our merchants and developers the access to the APIs they need to enhance their success with the platform. replacement ’.

The portal will initially provide access to Brikl’s Admin API and Webhooks, allowing its merchants to integrate their Brikl store with core applications such as CRM, ERP and back-office applications. Brikl’s GraphQL API will also allow merchants and developers to build reporting integrations, delivering data from Brikl to existing solutions. In addition, developers can securely run and generate code on the portal.

“Even as we continue to grow and expand, our world continues to revolve around the success of our traders. Our mission and values ​​are fertile ground for initiatives such as our Developer Portal, which shows that growth can deliver transparency, collaboration and innovation. ” Maarten Boonecomments Brikl CEO.

“The decentralization of the integration and development process helps free up our technology team, allowing them to focus on the design and implementation of cutting-edge technologies that maintain our position as a leading technology force in the custom and advertising space.

About Brikl

Brikl, the leading next-generation MicroStore software platform, was launched in 2016 Maarten Boone, Tobias Meiksnerand Jason Reinhardt. Their vision was to simplify the way companies sell custom products online, allowing them to create MicroStores in less than 15 minutes and speed up the design process with space-saving tools, decoration tools and 3D visualization. For more information, visit

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