The premiere of Stranger Things was the biggest in Netflix’s history

Almost three years later, between new episodes, I had to wonder if viewers would return Strange things 4 seasons. Three years is a long time to wait for something. When Netflix viewers last received some news Strange things That was in 2019, months before the pandemic began. Will fans remember what happened? Would they care what happens next?

The answer seems to be a resounding ‘yes’. premiere Strange things Season 4 was “the biggest opening weekend of the English-language TV show,” according to Netflix. Subscribers watched 286.7 million. hours Strange things Season 4 last week. There are 8,760 hours in one year, which means that if my math is correct and I can’t, I’m learning 32,000 customers last week. years value Strange things 4 seasons.

That’s a lot Strange things.

And if longtime viewers couldn’t remember what had happened in previous seasons, Netflix was probably as useful as the previous three seasons. Strange things was in addition last week among the top ten Netflix shows in English.

Here’s the full list of Netflix’s top ten last week:

Top 10 Netflix Shows: May 23-29

That must be big news for Netflix, as the long break between seasons didn’t seem to hurt the show’s ratings. This is good for both the final of this season (these episodes only represent the first “season” of season 4, and the remaining episodes of Netflix will be released in early July) and the final season of the series. (The creators of the series, Duffer Brothers, have already announced that next season will be the last.) In addition, if foreign things 4 continues at this pace, it could easily beat the list of Netflix shows in a few weeks.

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