The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is likely to have a 108 MP main camera. Read the details inside

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a supposedly foldable smartphone that the company may release later this year. He will be the successor to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. While online device notifications have been around for a long time, the latest advice suggests that the smartphone will have an improvised setup of the main camera. Read on to find out more about the Samsung galaxy Z Fold 4.

According to Dohyun Kim, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 would come with a 108 MP main camera such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra or Galaxy S22 Ultra. The current Galaxy Z Fold 3 has a 12 MP main camera. Another report from GalaxyClub mentions that the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have a 10 MP telephoto lens capable of up to 3x optical zoom. This should be an improvement over the current 12 MP telephoto lens, which provides up to 2x optical zoom.

In addition, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is also said to have a 10 MP self-portrait camera on the front screen and an improved under-screen self-portrait camera. In addition, the smartphone is expected to be improved over the current model, including hinge durability and strength, water and dust resistance capabilities, and more.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 may have an S22 Ultra-like camera design

In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 can have a triple rear camera, where each lens can be arranged separately, as seen in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. In addition, the company is expected to work with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 hinges and improve it with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Dust protection can also be improved on the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

With the Galaxy Z Fold 4 expected to be released later this year, it is likely to be with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chipset. For the uninitiated, the SD 8 Gen 1 Plus is the successor to the SD 8 Gen 1, a flagship package of Qualcomm chips introduced last year. Along with the alleged chipset, the device may also have 12 GB of RAM. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 on the front of the battery may have a fast charge. However, many changes to the battery are not expected.

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