The viral cricket clip of the unplayable inswinger has become viral, says Luke Wright

Mildenhall Cricket Club pitcher Jonah Handy created the viral moment of the Nordic summer over the weekend after footage of a sailor sending one of the dirtiest inswingers we have ever seen on a cricket field appeared.

Playing against Hadleigh CC, Handy was locked in a duel with a set batsman Kudazi Muanze when he decided to throw one pair of stumps outside.

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Instead of being lured off-drive, Muanze decided to take his shoulders to what would be perfectly acceptable on any other day.

What Muanze didn’t rely on was the movement of the cherry, which rushed briskly through the air into the cannon at the base outside the stump, sparking wild celebrations.

Images of the incredible goal erupted quickly on social networks, sharing them with players, journalists and fans.

Former English universal Luke Wright shared a clip with several emoticons with their mouths open, while Burma’s official Twitter account was also impressed with the delivery.

21st Century Dance?Source: Supplied

Suffolk County Cricket Club President Andrew Squire, who also plays in Mildenhall CC, described the ball East Anglican Daily Times as “unplayable”.

“Jonah has only just started playing for us and haven’t played too much cricket before,” he said.

“I played on the second court on Saturday and someone told me they wouldn’t believe the ball Jonah played today.

“It wasn’t until everyone started watching it on social media that it was quite clear that Test Match and first-class cricket players were watching it as well.

“The only way I can describe it is because it couldn’t be played. There were comments that the batter could have done this and he could do that, but I think most cricketers would leave the ball.

“It’s purely a ball swing and he can throw incredible supplies and has a serious ability to throw fast.”

The shots are the latest gem, which came from the already peculiar English summer, which also experienced the Australian no. 3 Marnus Labuschagne sent the dirt down to the new English captain Ben Stokes – with surprisingly effective results.

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