The World Institute of Tourism will host a conference that will offer Cape Breton residents the opportunity to present businesses and recipes

SYNDEY, NS – The Institute for World Tourism at the University of Cape Breton will host the first virtual international research conference, offering residents the opportunity to present destinations and their favorite recipes.

Organizers have announced that two events will take place at the Reimagining the Tourism and Hospitality Workforce conference on November 8 and 9.

The Destination Showcase on Cape Breton will offer local businesses the opportunity to present themselves as a virtual exhibit, while conference attendees will visit and learn why the island is special.

Participants will be able to upload videos, logos and images, and will be able to send text messages and instant messages to participants on November 8 during the extended lunch break between 12.15 and 14.15.

There are no costs, but space is limited and someone from each participating company must be online during the sessions.

The second event, Culinary Creations from Cape Breton Island – a digital cookbook, offers companies the opportunity to present their favorite recipes for free.

Due to the virtual nature of the conference, a typical bag is not available, but a digital cookbook will offer companies the opportunity to promote a unique culinary experience.

Participants should be connected to the culinary experience in Cape Breton and willing to share a recipe, a 100-word description of the restaurant / cafe / company, a business website (if available) and a 100-word biography of the culinary recipe maker.

The deadline to apply for both showcases is Friday, May 27, at 5 p.m.

To apply, interested companies should contact Megan River at [email protected]but Stephanie MacPherson on [email protected]or call (902) 563-1196.

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