The world is trying to move further than Covid. China can stand in the way. – News 24

Foreign investment has almost dried up and some projects have been suspended for more than two years because pandemic restrictions have made it virtually impossible for foreign managers to travel to China. When multinational corporate executives refer to senior Chinese officials, their challenges are quiet, said Michael Hart, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in China.

“China has been very strong in its view that it has the right strategy and does not want people to criticize it,” Hart said.

Some of China’s top officials have also begun to share their concerns about the economy. Chinese Prime Minister Li Kichiang called the employment situation “complicated and serious” as migrant workers and students struggled to find and keep jobs during the blockades.

Although daily virus cases in Shanghai have been steadily declining, authorities have tightened measures in recent days following Mr Xi’s call for a doubling last week. Authorities have also begun to force entire residential buildings to isolate themselves from the government if a single test has passed.

The new measures are more stringent than those at the beginning of the pandemic and have hit riots that were previously rare in China, where citizens mostly supported the country’s pandemic policy.

In a video that was widely circulated before it was downloaded by censors, an upset woman screams as officials in white dangerous suits break down the door to take her to the isolation center. She protests and asks them to give her proof that she tested positive. Eventually, he picks up the phone to call the police.

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