They want to improve truck access to the US with TAG technology

Tijuana, 2022 July 29 – Same technology what drivers use to pay digital las toll point will be used at the border between Mexico You America because of 7 thousand 500 trucks one who exports and imports products TijuanaThe Union of Customs Agents of Tijuana-Tecate confirmed today.

According to the president of this organization, Adolfo Ayala, park Carry it about truck Circulates in the United States from the metropolitan area of ​​Tijuana and Ensenada beat loss 11 thousand 500 truckswho distributed Products feed You Electronics mostly.

“We’re starting this week with the tag program, which is basically a sticker that eliminates the need to carry the currently required paperwork along with the crossing and driver information, making the crossing faster. even if it’s 30 seconds, but that 30 seconds per truck Every day Resource What can happen; What can be done the other 50 trucks per day“, commented the chairman of customs at the press conference.

Each decal will be delivered to a specific truck and for safety reasons the decals cannot be removed from the windshield once applied unless they break and render the antenna in them useless.

The program is being rolled out across the country starting this week, and customs officials believe that by at least two months or by the end of the year, the tags will be active on all trucks moving through Tijuana’s checkpoints.

The head of customs officials concluded: “This week we have delivered 500 tags already in use and we are waiting for others to see if this system can be moved quickly.” They will take all measures.”


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