this much-anticipated feature should see the light of day quickly

Last week, we learned that WhatsApp will offer a new feature that has been awaited for years. This week is just beginning, and another important feature will be introduced soon.

Recover deleted messages

You must have inadvertently sent a message in a WhatsApp conversation. If so, you also know that the app allows users to delete their messages. This gives you two options: either “delete message for all” or “delete me”. Imagine that you only delete a message when you originally wanted to delete it in the eyes of the interlocutor, without the possibility of making up for your mistake.

Good news: You’ll be able to recover a deleted message shortly after it is published. Thus, it is just as common in the media WABetaInfo who discovered this new feature. Now when you delete a message by selecting the “Delete me” option, WhatsApp will display a pop-up window at the bottom of the screen for a few seconds. This will give you the option to cancel the action if it was an error or if you change your mind in the meantime.

What is WhatsApp positioning?

We currently have no information about the deployment of this functionality in the application. But one thing is clear, in the face of Telegram competition, WhatsApp has since been enriched with new features that should delight its users. It must be said that WhatsApp has become a very popular and very useful application.

Indeed, many people form groups to talk to family and friends. It is possible to send images and text. This avoids the need to send the same message to different interlocutors. Many French men and women use this service.

Facebook application on your lap

WhatsApp bought Facebook a few years ago, now called Meta. This is the grace of new technology. Today, men and women have never been so connected on the planet.

Indeed, Westerners are now equipped with smartphones. They can perform many tasks with these devices, such as sending e-mails, using the GPS function, taking photos, using the alarm function, making bank transfers. Some people even become addicted.

It has to be said that social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are constant sources of information. This tool provides direct information. As a result, there are many applications that allow you to read press articles and watch videos on YouTube. In addition, newspapers have seen their audience go online, while paper newspapers have seen a drop.

Today, it is the leading way to obtain information. You can also watch live TV or radio. There is a lot of competition in the world of telephony, and every manufacturer is trying to find ways to innovate. Apple has been a pioneer in this field. It must be said that the arrival of the iPhone was a small revolution. The device combines telephone and Internet access.

This is a very common model today. Prices for the new models are relatively high. They are worth several hundred euros and have a relatively short lifespan. Apple is constantly innovating. In California, engineers work to achieve the best possible functionality. Because of this, WhatsApp is becoming more and more sophisticated. Some refuse to use WhatsApp because it is an American application and the data could be used. Some support Russian Telegram. Increasingly, Internet users want to be instant and communicate as quickly as possible.

In the coming weeks and months, Objeko will bring you news about new technologies. Our best specialists regularly discover new products.

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