this unexpected turn of events for his documentary

Thirteen years have passed since then Diam’s threw away music and left the media world. But in the eyes of the fans, it remains unforgettable. While many expected her to return with a new album one day, Vitaa or even Amel Bent was formal: it never will be.

That said, the former rapper recently talked about a new project that will appeal to her audience. In his documentary called Hello, Diam’s will return to the highlights of his career. First of all, the periods of his descent into hell. Here’s what she explained on Instagram, where she wrote: “My Depression, My Suffering, My Quest, My Revival: A Movie? entertainment? (…) It excited me that people were interested in my origins, but it was impossible for me to let strangers speak for me. So I took the pen again. The one I have always loved to pamper (…) Of course, behind the woman I am today lies the story of Diam, but it is also a human story and quest that can replicate a story where so many people are thinking about how to discover inner peace lost. in the labyrinth of life ”.

Although this documentary will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival, rumors speculated that Diam’s might show up there. Something denied by Bernard Montiel and Cyril Hanouna Do not touch My TV.

By the way, new information about this project, which was carried out in cooperation with BrutX, has just been received. “Salam, a documentary about @melanediams, #houdabenyamina and @the_anne_cisse, will exceptionally appear in cinemas on July 1 and 2. Official selection and world premiere this year @ Cannes Film Festival May 26 posted to your Instagram account.

Something to please his fans. Moreover, it is somewhat similar to what Nekfeu did in Etoiles Vagabondes in 2019. years. Whether this will leave room for other surprises remains to be seen.


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