Tic et Tac on Disney +: A mix of animation and live action, “it’s like filming two different movies” – Actus Ciné

Director Akiva Schaffer, whose film Tic et Tac: Les Rangers du risque is now available on Disney +, talked about the challenges of creating a world that combines animation and live action!

AlloCiné: How did you come up with the idea to relaunch Tic et Tac?

Akiva Schaffer (director of Tic et Tac: Les Rangers du risque): I grew up with a 90’s TV series. I also enjoyed the adventures of La Bande à Picsou. 2018 Disney sent me a script that was very similar to the one we filmed. I was fascinated by the thought that Tic and Tac are separated for thirty years. I wanted them to experience a new adventure, so this time they are looking for a friend who has disappeared into the world of live action, like in the movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit ?.

What was your view on the invention of these two characters?

I think you will enjoy this angry but charming pair of Tic and Tac. It’s a duo that reminds me of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in The Strange Couple. Fans of both characters will find themselves there and feel like they are in a familiar place. Also, I think the combination with the real world makes the film more interesting.

Technically, it was a real challenge for me to juggle parts of the animation and live action. It was like making two different movies at the same time! I believe we have managed to create a film that will surprise you both visually and creatively. Not to mention that we have funny episodes like Roger Rabbit in this movie.

Have you tried to address a specific topic with this family entertainment movie?

This is a film that will help you have a good time in the first place. But if you also see the message that friendship is the most important thing, in addition to personal interests, I think it will also be a good thing. My goal in this film is to entertain you and make you forget the negative aspects of the world we live in. I hope we succeeded.

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