Time Out magazine ranked Marrakech 7th in the world

The British magazine Time Out, known for its annual ranking of the world’s best cities, has ranked the mythical Marrakech in 7th place in 2022 out of a total of 53 selected cities.

The magazine, which helps millions of tourists explore the potential of the best cities around the world by providing addresses, ratings and places to discover, ranked the Moroccan city 7th in the world after a vote of 20,000 people.

Among the cities ranked on the TOP podium are Edinburgh with its architectural beauty and pedestrian streets, the city of Chicago with its new restaurant addresses, the Colombian city of Medellin with its rhythmic reggaeton nights and Glasgow. its vegetarian restaurants.

In the 5th position is the Dutch city of Amsterdam, which stands out for its artistic scenes, relaxed atmosphere, and in the 6th position before Marrakech is the city of Prague with easy access, safety.

For Marrakesh, Time Out highlighted the creative nature of the community and the city.

“The city has long been known as an international melting pot, but the lockdown has created space for local entrepreneurs to step up by opening stylish new shops.” and restaurants, the magazine said.

The publication highlights the return of music festivals with several major artists and adds that it is not “No wonder visitors can’t wait to come back.”

And invite tourists to visit modern and African art galleries, spend lively evenings on the roofs. “Visit now because Morocco’s cultural capital is booming right now.”

According to surveys, Marrakech is ranked as the city with the highest potential to make new friends and with the highest percentage in the world. “68% of respondents said it is easy to meet new people”highest in the world and 70% for making new friends.

This year, the magazine focused on cities with life, including nightlife, relationships with neighbors, “really cool” neighborhoods.

“The idea is to create a holistic snapshot of city life and direct people to places that locals really love.”Time Out said, going on, that they wanted to “Find out about the restaurant scene and chain bars, theater and art galleries, nightlife and dating apps.”

In addition, the “covid” factor was also a determining factor, as it was taken into account during the last two rankings. The list focused on how cities have pulled together during the pandemic and made life (roughly) tolerable during the lockdown, the same source says.

“After two years of travel restrictions, the world is opening up again and we, like you, can’t wait to get back out there.”and so things like community spirit and resilience were two of the biggest factors last year and this year it’s cities “With a thriving nightlife, amazing food and drink, and an abundance of art, culture and museums” who are selected.

In addition, places were highlighted in the ranking “that aren’t boring, overpriced or overrated” in addition to performing well on practical elements such as walkability, good public transport and safety, and durability.

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