Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Top 10 Reddit Reactions

Fans have pumped that The miracles of little Tina is finally out! The new features have left players on the edge of their play chairs. As soon as the game was released, fans Borders used Reddit to share their feedback on the game. Some people were surprised by the smooth movement of the new features; others can’t miss the character customization screen because it just looks too good.

The game received wonderful feedback from the media and players. But Reddit has provided a wonderful response to the game’s treasure trove, and fans are getting deeper into the game.

Character adjuster is not balanced.

Reddit user ThatGuy21134 is having fun customizing the characters and can’t seem to stop. The customization tool allows players to select any feature desired by their hero who has created some interesting combinations.

The hero’s wild appearance makes Redditors guess what the creature should be called, and the words are as absurd as the hero’s appearance.

The game is hard and that’s good!

Some players want to get the best weapons as soon as possible to complete the game. However, reddit’s savidge25 made a spectacular save. They said, “13. level, I just didn’t find any legendary and I like it. ! I love that legendary is a rarity again!

Not all players had the same experience, some received several high-powered weapons, but no one seems to care because the game is well played.

Couples playing together …

Reddit user elijahwoodman81 and their wife were so excited about the game finally launching that they needed not one but two TV consoles and an Xbox.

Reddit loves the couple’s dedication and commitment to making the whole game experience without the hassle of playing a split screen.

Borderlands comedy is still here

Fun quotes and dialogues have been key from the start Borders tick and wonderland there is no shortage of laughter. User XathiasTV said: “I haven’t laughed so hard since the BL2 DLC! I would recommend only after training. As others have said, I don’t know how it’s going, but I’m having fun this morning! ”

Fans have been waiting for the game’s dialogue, because Tiny Tina is one of the infamous game heroes, because he has great one lines.

The heroes are great

If the heroes are not pleasant, fans can leave the game and Borders is known for its pleasant heroes. Redditors Altairlio appreciates the characters so far, saying, “… Because they’re getting ridiculous and funny, and the writing is so good.”

Given the sympathy and sad fame of the voice actors in the play, the writing gives the play strength and repeatability.

The game is what makes dreams come true

Reddit user Dubika24 said, “You know the feeling when you first launch Borderlands 2 and experience the moment, ‘Oh god, this has to be the best game of all time.’ It was with Tiny Tina again. The game is a dream.”

With such reactions, Little Tina’s Wonderland may be on its way to being ranked among the best Borders all the time games.

Little Tina makes people happy

Even at the beginning of the game, players are ready to make a commitment wonderland in the long run. ShadowGiantOut said, “I’ve been learning it for about an hour and I can’t help but play it … I can’t wait to spend countless hours in this world.”

Attracting players from the very beginning is very important for the success of the game, and Tiny Tina is ready to become a contender for the Game of the Year, as more positive feedback will be received.

Mushroom companions

Mushroom companions have been making people laugh since the game’s trailer discovered strange mushrooms. Redditor Hannahmercy shared the video with the strange creatures and said, “The mushroom companion is always rushing away from me, as if it should be somewhere else.”

They refer to how mushrooms explode without prompting, even if the player is in the middle of a task. Mushrooms also dance a bit, which seems to have no other purpose than to entertain the players.

The players are pleasantly surprised

After some fans found Borderlands 3 Frustration in several areas, players were skeptical about how wonderland withstand other slices. However, Redditor xShadowAxelx has been pleasantly surprised with the game so far.

They said, “I’m actually shocked at how much I like it more than that Borderlands 3. The world and level design is also very interesting. The fantasy elements of the game introduced completely new environments that had not been seen before in the franchise.

lose sleep

The most useful players Tiny new game so much that they are ready to give away valuable hours of sleep to play. The user fuzzboxing said: “I play until 5:00. It’s been a long time since I did it! Still at the beginning of the game. Humor is simply amazing… ”

They were not alone. Their record sparked a series of people who boasted about how many hours of sleep they gave in to be the first to get wonderland experience.

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