TMS Ep226: Q1 numbers, Neha Narkhede, markets, recession

Releasing its report for the first quarter of FY23, the government said the country’s fiscal deficit grew less than expected, despite a jump in public spending. It raised hopes that the government could keep the budget deficit close to the target. Tax collection also increased faster than expected. What else do the quarterly numbers say about the health of the country’s economy?

India’s promising quarterly numbers despite headwinds are a testament to the resilience of its economy. Now let’s move on to another story of resilience. This is the work of a girl from Pune who has registered her success in the US. Now, at the age of 38, Neha Narkhede is being noticed in her own country after joining the ranks of India’s richest women. Narkhede was ranked eighth in the 2021 list of top rich women compiled by research firm Hurun.

Let’s move on to the markets now. Up more than 8.5%, equity markets posted their biggest monthly gain since August 2021. The rise was driven in part by better-than-expected corporate results and in part by a dodgy statement from the US Federal Reserve. While investors remain dry ahead of RBI’s monetary policy, let’s take a look at how the markets are lined up for this week.

The stock markets seem to have made up their minds for the US to slide into recession. Have you ever wondered what exactly a recession is? Let’s find out in this episode of the podcast.

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