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June 10 Purdue Polytechnic High School celebrates 2022 class at the PPHS Schweitzer Center in Englewood. The 113 graduate class was attended by students from two PPHS campuses in Indianapolis and the town of South Bend. Thirty-four graduates accepted their offer to visit Purdue in West Lafayette in the fall.

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Meet three graduates who have recognized that the flexibility of Purdue University Global’s online partners, undergraduate, graduate and law programs – a total of 175 programs – can allow them to persevere in pursuing their learning goals.

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The Purdue Semiconductor Degree Program is a new set of innovative, comprehensive, valuable degrees and credentials for graduates and undergraduates and working professionals, including a new 100% online interdisciplinary master’s degree in microelectronics and semiconductors, due out in 2022. in the fall.

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The study of nonlinear interface waves, the development of clean driving solutions, and the analysis of the evolution of heritage languages ​​in the classroom are several research projects representing five Purdue faculties named Fulbright Scholars in the United States.

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This year’s 115 participants in the 45th annual Air Race Classic – a daylight women’s race only, where racing teams fly a certain route to a list of pre-arranged airports – is a team from the Purdue University School of Aviation and Transportation Technology. Polytechnic Institute.

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