Tombeboeuf. Guy Bodry, our global reporter

Born in 1929, Guy Bodry, a dynamic “young man” with a bright eye and a cheerful smile, settled in Tombebeuf in 85 after retiring and experienced a very harmonious family and professional life; and when his wife left, health problem enthralled, the question “how can I take this loneliness?” and suddenly he remembered that all his career in the bank, his daily life, he lay in the big notebooks of “reporters”, his impressions, feelings and judgments on “important” topics, such as current affairs. In France, international life in many “specific” areas, such as politics, economics, the social situation, the future of the earth, the psychology of peoples, finance, taxation, currencies, capital movements, international affairs … so he turned to this personalized remark, which he did not read. without a certain critical eye and dose, he “worked” on the pages and chapters and decided it was time (after imprisonment and the Covid crisis) to publish this very special newspaper, full of training for the “ordinary or informed” reader. significant work: there are many comments and harsh attacks on companies and opportunistic and often incorrect leaders, on the crucial and absolutely inevitable role of multinational companies, scandalous but “more or less” encouraged and / or allowed capital movements …

An indictment was published CHAPTER.COM and located in bookstores.

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