Towards games: Mathilde Lamolle, change everything to be “always on top”

At the age of 25, Mathilde Lamolle has twice competed in the Olympics: the European champion, the finalist of the 10m Tokyo Pistol, tells her story to the Paris Olympic Games before the Paris Olympics.

In this seventh series, she details the change in her coach and training structure, as well as the doubts that accompany this news.

“I started working with my new coach Walter Lapeira between Bordeaux and Paris. It’s going pretty well, with a new approach, a new way of working. It’s something fresh that makes me feel good. But it’s under development and I could. Don’t think that a few months later I had a relationship with Loran Saso, with whom I worked for ten years.

Usually the season starts with a big technical block, then we go to the competition with this stable base. But Walter came, telling me + technically, I have nothing to teach +. Therefore, we work more on adaptation, on determining the conditions of the game. Sometimes there are minor technical fixes, but no more. We create game situations with a gate, integrating interference that should not interfere with my success in my gesture.

French shooting champion Martine Lamolle in training on 15 February 2021 in Allahah near Marseille (AFP / Archive – NICOLAS TUCAT)

This is special because the technique is usually compelling. I find this quite interesting, but we will have to see if it is a productive long-term strategy or if we have to go back and find a happy medium.

– “Small adjustments” –

“It took me a while to adjust to my orienteering. I didn’t return to Marseille until December, but I realized I was out of balance. So I asked Walter if I could come back this weekend to meet family and friends and then stay. I like to shoot here with Jean Quikvamp (Olympic champion in Tokyo, editor’s note) and Clement Besage, who are on the list of the 5 best championships in the world. I was afraid to give up my efforts for high standards and performance.

French shooting champion in training at Martine Lamolle on February 15, 2021 in Allauh near Marseille (AFP - NICOLAS TUCAT)
French shooting champion in training at Martine Lamolle on February 15, 2021 in Allauh near Marseille (AFP – NICOLAS TUCAT)

At the end of December, we saw that my results were not very good. It introduced too many changes, a new coach, new methods, a new framework … We tried to identify the shortcomings and now the results are better. These are small adjustments that allowed me to find benchmarks and be effective. ”

– “Always on top” –

“This year there are World Cup stages that are like games every four years. It ‘s my priority to win medals, and I also want to keep my European Championship title. Cairo: This is my first victory in the World Cup and it confirms my progress.

Now the goal is to confirm your level. So the idea is to scrape a few more points to make a little difference, be in all the finals and try to get into them, taking 7th place instead of 8th, and so on. To achieve this result, they are very fine adjustments. It’s not a question of quantity, but the physical brings something, the mental also, the pressure management, the state of shape, the day a little worse … There are some fifteen girls who can win and I want to be systematically in the Top 8, always performing on D-Day, always at the highest level.

The ultimate goal is Paris-2024. It’s good to have results now, but it’s important to be strong in the games. I am trying to tell myself that this is a year of transition and that I need to be patient, because things need to be put in place. I am in the process of work and personal progress before I really project myself to 2024. But it will happen very quickly and inevitably, games are already here in the corner of my head.

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