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The new feature is designed for highway, suburban and low-lying driving environments where GNSS positioning is difficult.

Trimble and Qualcomm Technologiesannounced availability Trimble RTX GNSS technology for the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Snapdragon 888 mobile platforms. This technology provides excellent location detection on high-end Android smartphones worldwide. The integration of Trimble RTX GNSS technology with Snapdragon, a correction service platform, facilitates a better and more accurate location-based user experience, such as lane-based car navigation.

Improved location accuracy

Pairing Trimble RTX technology with high-end Snapdragon mobile platforms increases the positioning capabilities of Android phones. This will allow smartphone manufacturers, service providers and app developers using Snapdragon to provide strong meter-level (or approximately 3 feet) accuracy to mobile device users when used with a Trimble-based correction service. RTX. This means a 5-fold improvement in location accuracy compared to the accuracy available today.

John Sprivul explains that the precision positioning feature enabled on Trimble RTX Android smartphones must be distributed in collaboration with Android smartphone manufacturers for the smartphone models of their choice. Trimble and Qualcomm will work with Android smartphone manufacturers to enable this feature on these specific phone models.

The new feature works better outdoors, especially in the continental United States, southern Canada, and Europe. Some local environmental factors, such as signal interference or signal path blocking, may affect GNSS derived positions / locations. These local effects can affect signal availability.

Bar level accuracy for real-time navigation

Accurate location information can greatly enhance your smartphone user experience with mapping, driving, or other mobile apps. For example, with more accurate positioning of the trip sharing app, the driver and passenger can have a better experience when the destination is displayed more accurately. In addition, lane-level accuracy allows drivers to get more detailed maps and more accurate directions using real-time navigation apps.

Accurate positioning will improve the success rate of shared pickups, especially in crowded public transport, such as airports, sports stadiums, entertainment venues, and more. Accurate positioning on a smartphone requires a reduction in the number of delayed or incomplete pick-ups, as customers cannot pinpoint or identify their route.

John Sprivulis: “The use case is for highways, suburban and low-rise urban driving environments. Skyscrapers in large metropolitan areas make it difficult to position GNSS accurately, so mobile phones use additional sensors and map matching to GNSS data. Other non-automotive uses could include things like augmented and augmented reality (AR / XR) field visualization applications, gaming and hiding applications, location-based marketing and advertising, etc.

This new collaboration expands Trimble’s existing relationship with Qualcomm Technologies to provide high-precision positioning solutions for connected vehicles, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving solutions for original equipment manufacturers and suppliers. Level 1 Trimble RTX Technology for Snapdragon 8 and Snapdragon 888 Mobile Devices . The platforms are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2022.

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