TVM, the new official sponsor of LaLiga Metaverse

PARIS, 17 May (Benin News) –

The Korean company TVM will work with LaLiga Metaverse, where it will use the fan experience in the exclusive Spanish competition space Triverse, the organisation’s new partner in a major project.

The deal is signed for the next two and a half years, although it could be extended, making TVM an official sponsor and partner in the development of the exclusive LaLiga space Triverse.

Triverse, as explained in a statement from the Association of Professional Clubs, is a “sports metaverse, an augmented reality virtual world focused on a fan experience where dreams can come true.” Under the agreement, “sports properties will open a new channel to communicate and interact with fans and users.”

Jorge de la Vega, LaLiga’s director of sales and marketing, said the organization was “always looking for new ways to offer its best product to a global audience” and that it was “a process that must be the best partner”. “The agreement with TVM as a global partner is proof of what will allow us to reach an ecosystem of unparalleled potential, such as a metaverse,” he said.

LaLiga Ambassador Karless Pujol also spoke about the important agreement, which he considers important to bring teams closer to their fans around the world. “I believe football is a feeling of passion, and when they discover and explore this digital world and have new places to enjoy and live in it, they will be able to enjoy the best leagues in the world, like ours.” former FC Barcelona player.

In this metaverse, fans will be able to consume official club content such as press conferences, interviews, announcements or summaries, as well as receive awards and experience points that LaLiga believes will allow them to “get more valuable”. objects and property that they can use to enrich themselves in real life ”.

TVM Vice President Yoon Chul Kim praised the deal, saying “technology is constantly and rapidly changing and evolving.” We, too, need to be prepared for the next technological breakthrough. with content that is not always sports-oriented, LaLiga TVM will create a world where nothing is impossible and where anything is possible.

TVM CEO Josh Kim said the reward system will revolve around “NFT” as blockchain technology and NFT go hand in hand. “We will have our own trading platform, NFT. “At some point, they will be able to see and compare the performance of their fan city with other cities,” he said.

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