Twitter will pay 150 million USD for data breaches and non-compliance with privacy agreements

The main microblogging network, Twitter, will pay 150 million. USD and will take new safeguards to address allegations by federal regulators that the social media company has given advertisers inappropriate access to consumer personal information. In a complaint filed on Wednesday, regulators said that from 2013 onwards. May. until 2019 September. the social media platform collected consumer phone numbers and emails. email addresses to keep your account secure. used by businesses to send targeted ads to consumers.

Both federal agencies, the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, also claimed that Twitter had falsely claimed to have complied with U.S. privacy agreements with the European Union and Switzerland that prohibit companies from processing user information in ways that run counter to the company’s authorized purposes. consumers. “As noted in the complaint, Twitter received data from users to use it for security purposes, but later also used the data to target ads to users,” said Lina M. Khan, chairman of the FTC. “The practice has affected more than 140 million Twitter users, increasing Twitter’s main source of revenue,” she added.

“Consumers who share their personal information have a right to know if that information is being used to help advertisers target customers,” said U.S. attorney Stephanie M. Hinds of Northern California. “Social media companies that are not honest with consumers about the way their personal information is used will be held accountable.

Billing requires disclosure of privacy

An agreement announced on Wednesday will help resolve allegations that Twitter violated FTC law and in 2011. The FTC’s order is defrauding consumers of how well the privacy and security of their non-public approval is maintained and protected. According to the DOJ, the agreement will also require Twitter to notify all American customers who have joined Twitter by 2019. September 17, about the agreement and should enable users to protect their privacy and security. Under the terms of the agreement, the Department of Justice and the FTC will be responsible for monitoring and enforcing Twitter’s compliance. Notably, consumer information protection has gained momentum following the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

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