U.S. Department of Education CU Denver Receives Prestigious Label as Center of Excellence in Global Business Education

The University of Colorado Denver has been recognized as the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) by the U.S. Department of Education. As the recipient of this prestigious title – the one held by CU Denver since 1993 – the university received more than $ 1.25 million for the 2022-2026 term. The grant will be used to support global education and international business programs at CU Denver, making it an important and sustainable source of talent, innovation and expertise that will benefit both the university and the wider business and academic community in the years to come.

“The CIBER The program enables us to expand our efforts in the field of international business, international studies and foreign language education, while strengthening the position of the United States as a global competitor, “he explained. Manuel G. Serapiodr., principal investigator CU Denver CIBER, director of the faculty Institute of International Business (IIB) and Associate Professor of International Business at Business school.

Of the 16 centers that have received the prestigious label, CU CIBER is the only one in Colorado and one of two in the Rocky Mountain region. It is also one of an even smaller group of recipients that has held the title continuously for over 30 years. During this time, the program has generated more than $ 10 million in federal funding and other sponsored grants, and has helped thousands of U.S. students and professors and dozens of U.S. businesses with their internationalization initiatives.

CU Denver’s forward-looking approach to global education, along with influential programs from the Institute of International Business and Business Schools – plus university interdisciplinary programs in foreign languages, international studies and related fields – have played an important role in providing CIBER grants.

Serapio paid tribute to the IIB team and colleagues from Business school and other departments for the success of CU Denver CIBER. He attributes in particular his support to CIBER’s efforts to the university’s leadership and legacy. “A very important reason for our success is the strong support of our Institute for International Business and CIBER by our leaders over the years, including our rector, vice-rector and deans,” Serapio said. “We are pleased that Nakuma’s provost is our world leader in education.”

Serapio joined CU Denver 32 years ago when it recognized the opportunity to build an international business program from the start. With experience in grant management and international entrepreneurship, he has been an integral part of the growth of the international business programs CIBER and CU Denver.

In addition to meeting the criteria of the US Department of Education as a center of excellence, CU CIBER is also closely aligned with Strategic Plan 2030, including the university ‘s goals of tackling the great challenges facing our society and enabling education to work for all. With the CIBER program, for example, CU Denver has worked with several institutions serving minorities to help tribal schools and universities improve the international business content of their programs. Another program is poised to connect first-generation and diverse students with academic programs and career opportunities in international business.

It is these and other initiatives that speak to the strength of CIBER’s real purpose: to prepare current and future business leaders for the opportunities and challenges posed by our dynamic global economy, and to improve US global competitiveness.

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