Uber driver becomes IBM employee, creates cryptocurrency bank and cryptocurrency credit agency CryptoShare Banq

HOUSE, 2022 April 28 / PRNewswire / – The invention of Blockchain changed the world as we know it. Blockchain technology has led to the invention of decentralized financial systems, which former IBM spokesman Anade Davis called Decentralized Banqs.

Now he has grown 200 thousand on Wefunder.com/Cryptoshare (investment closed 2022 April 30).

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He worked as a technology vendor for IBM Watson and the Data Science Team.

Anade has come a long way – just 1 month before working with IBM and N3 (an IBM partner). Atlanta, he drove Uber and Lyft. He was in no hurry and began studying data science.

„2017 my life became unmanageable. I drove a Uber and barely paid my bills. I had a hard time with Porsche!

“I threw away anything that didn’t help me create wealth and forced myself to learn Python. I started with Python and started learning machine learning. Machine learning taught me how data science really applies.”

“After learning about the power of data-driven financial solutions, I started experimenting with decentralized funding and it changed my life. I will make sure it helps others around the world change their lives!

“I am now using everything I have learned to become an innovator and help people create wealth Cryptoshare Banq! Our platform allows individuals and companies to be their own cryptocurrency bank.

Meet Anade, a data scientist. He is a former driver of Uber and Lyft who has become a financial data scientist.

More than one billion people in the world have no credit, no banks and few banks (more than 25% in the US and more than 70% Latin America).

“This means that more than one billion people in the world do not have access to basic financial instruments (debit cards, loans, investment, financial literacy, savings, check accounts).

Cryptoshare Banq launched 2022 February 1. The corporation is currently taking on investors Wefunder.com/Cryptoshare (currently has more than 400 investors and almost 200 consumers)!


Invest here: www.Wefunder.com/Cryptoshare

Cryptoshare Banq is a “decentralized bank”, also known as a financial system based on blockchain technology.

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