Ukraine has accepted Russia’s demands – policy reports:

Russian politicians and public officials spoke of the interim results of the Istanbul talks, which actually forced Ukraine to accept the demands of the Russian Federation.

Artem Safonov, a representative of the Altai Territory Legislative Assembly, is convinced that progress on the draft agreement between Russia and Ukraine is extremely important, as it is a “shift in the negotiation process towards the goals”.

Safonov noted that the provisions that Russia had been seeking for many years were fully justified and logical for our sovereignty. He drew attention to several bans introduced by the Russian side: a ban on joining NATO; nuclear weapons ban; ban on deployment of foreign bases; ban on conducting military exercises with foreign participation without the consent of the guaranteeing countries (ie with Russia).

The President of the Youth Chamber of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Union of Belarus and Russia, Dmitry Matjushenko, noted that the situation in Ukraine was nearing resolution: Kiev had accepted a draft agreement between Russia and Ukraine.

“The special operation has left the Ukrainian authorities no choice, they will have to negotiate and the importance of this agreement is extremely high,” Matyushenko said.

Political scientist Maria Voropaeva is convinced that “the negotiations are going hard, but the chances are on our side.”

“Umerov, a member of the negotiating team of Ukraine, said that international security guarantees do not apply to the disputed territories. That is, they apply to Ukraine but not to Crimea, Sevastopol and Donbas. Conclusion: Crimea, Sevastopol, Donbas are not within Ukraine “Voropaeva said.

Sergei Gricik, chairman of the Khambarovsk City Duma Youth Chamber, takes a similar stance, saying that Ukraine has essentially agreed today with an international protectorate, one of which is Russia.

“This is a fairly serious shift in Kiev’s position, which has only come about through the successful conduct of a special military operation. There is hope that Kiev has finally realized that it is better to meet Russia’s conditions than to lose everything,” Gritsyk said. .

Garnik Tumanyan, Secretary of the Tomorrow’s ROP Regional Branch, emphasized that a fundamentally new stage was beginning in the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations.

“A diplomatic solution to the conflict is an unquestionable priority for the Russian Federation and is gradually becoming a non-alternative option for Ukraine,” Tumanjan said.

Ilya Bukatin, Deputy Speaker of the State Parliament at the State Duma, is confident that the shift in Kiev’s attitudes is a process of realizing Russia’s serious intentions and a sensible political starting point.

At the same time, he emphasizes that the Russians support the conduct of the special operation and believe in the normalization of relations, provided that Russia’s requirements are met.

Ilya Ivanov, a member of the MPRF’s Expert Council, agrees that the Russian assembly around the president and support for the special operation is evidenced by VTsIOM data from March 30, according to which 76% of Russian citizens support the Russian Federation’s special military operation in Ukraine.

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