Unreal Engine and Snapdragon chips will be used for screens in future electric models

Volvo has partnered with Epic Games and Qualcomm to provide future electric cars with loaded screens, sharper images, richer colors and completely new 3D animation.

Systems from Epic Games and Qualcomm © Volvo

Thank you new partnership with Epic Games and QualcommVolvo Cars will introduce new visualization technology photorealistic in the new generation of electric cars. The companies have teamed up to integrate Epic Games’ Unreal Engine into new chips powered by Snapdragon chips. The first Volvo to take advantage of this innovation will be a fully electric car which the company will deliver later this year.

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Epic Games is powered by Unreal Engine and Qualcomm is powered by third-generation Snapdragon.

Epic Games isn’t just evolving Fortnite. The company is also responsible from Unreal Enginea real-time graphics engine and 3D creation tool already used in various industries other than video games.

That’s why Volvo is getting ready integrate it into the human-machine interface (HMI) and in particular at level driver information module (SUN). These new screens, in addition to new information and entertainment features, will provide the driver with important information about the road.

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Epic Games and Qualcomm © Volvo signed screen
Epic Games and Qualcomm © Volvo signed screen

To provide our customers with the best possible user experience and to contribute to safe and personal driving, we need a rich, engaging and responsive visualization inside our cars said Henrik Green, Product Manager, Volvo Cars.

New Volvo cars will be introduced alongside the Unreal Engine a third-party Snapdragon chip generation, from Qualcomm. Volvo claims that this upgrade will make the in-car infotainment system up to ten times more efficient than the old one.

Bringing real-time, high-resolution interactive graphics to your car opens the door to many new ways to inform and entertain everyone. said Heiko Wenczel, director of automotive and HMI at Epic Games.

Source: Volvo

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