Use these new features to get even more out of YouTube on your Android device

Everyone needs to regularly explore Google services and apps on Android devices like YouTube. The search giant regularly offers new features and enhancements that anyone can use to take even more advantage of these suggestions.

New features have recently emerged for YouTube, especially to improve the way users watch their videos. To help you today, we’ll show you 2 tricks you’ll definitely use on a regular basis.

YouTube is one of the applications that has been on Android since the beginning. This application gives you access to Google Video and an almost endless range of content you can enjoy at any time.

Key areas of activity in the video

The first trick allows users to navigate to the real moments of watching videos. If you want to move on to the best and liveliest parts, you already have a way to do it with much more precision.

Just tap on the video and a new area will now appear with a graph showing the progress of the video along with the pace of the video. So all they have to do is scan the desired area, quickly finding the user’s desired area.

Watch a YouTube video on your Android device

Another new feature that will benefit users is access to loop videos. It already existed in the browser, but has now been extended to Android and its applications, which is useful for certain situations.

To take advantage of this enhancement, simply tap the video again and then tap the settings area (gear). The settings area will appear below, now with the Repeat Video option. It will be deactivated, so it must be activated and used.

These are just two of the new YouTube features on Android. Explore its entire interface, and you’ll be sure to find many more options to get the most out of this video service, even on your smartphone.

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