Véronic Dicaire Showgirl, colorful entertainment

Recognized for incredible accuracy in translation the biggest voices in french songsQuebec and American, Véronic Dicaire throws an extensive network and impresses wherever you go.

Showgirl Tour pretends to be her new show new voices workedClara Luciani, Angèle, Aya Nakamura, Jain, Dua Lipa, Juliette Armanet among other surprises…

Surrounded by dancers and musicians, Véronic Dicaire offers its audience amazing choreography and the atmosphere worthy of the biggest concerts. She is the only one who embodies the greatest personalities of the moment and recreates their perfect timbre, gestures and facial expressions …

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Véronic DiCaire surprises with lashes or sexual movement, between a rock atmosphere and an intimate solo. Director Josée Fortier is not happy to link performances, it also touches us a lot. The emotions behind humor are never far … Book your tickets quickly

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