Very unfavorable outlook for the world economy

These are two warnings for an economy in pandemic remission. “The World Bank and the World Economic Forum [de Davos] warn against growing inequalities” every time a message is published “on the stagnation of the global economy and the gloomy prospects until 2022”, warn Quartz.

Variant Omicron, the combined impact of sudden inflation, high levels of public debt and rising income inequality “recovery threatened in developing and emerging economies”, Please explain Al Jazeera noting On Tuesday, January 11, the World Bank published a report on the outlook for the world economy. Financial institution “predicts a slowdown in economic growth worldwide, 5.5 % in 2021 to 4.1 % in 2022″, the English page of the Pan-Arab channel continues. More predictions “pessimistic as in June”, when the international institution counted on 4.3%.

Hard landing

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the World Bank “sounds the alarm about growing inequalities within and between nations” and his new report “is no exception”. Developing countries cannot afford a revival and boom in real estate or stock prices “continues to enrich the wealthy by fueling inflation that hits low-income households particularly hard”. Unlike advanced economies, these states “have less freedom in finance so that inflation runs free”. The World Bank is concerned and “hard landing

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