VIDEO. McFly and Carlito, Jérôme Commandeur in casting, air dates… 5 things to know about the new season of LOL

The first episode of LOL Season 4 airs this Friday, February 16 on Prime Video. Directed by Philippe Lachaud, here are 5 things you need to know about the show that brought together a very beautiful cast.

This Friday, February 16th, the XXL cast of comedians, actors and YouTubers, the opening joke about Blanche Gardin, the new season of LOL qui rit, sorte, arrives on the video platform.

A season in two parts

Amazon Prime returns with its fourth season of LOL: Who Laughs, Gets Out. Coming in 2021, the show is in its fourth installment if we skip the Halloween special that aired last October with cast already seen in the first three seasons.

However, viewers will have to wait until next week to find out the winner(s). Indeed, Amazon Prime decided to split the show's broadcast into two parts. The first four episodes will be available this Friday, February 16, and you'll have to wait until February 23 for the last two episodes, including the finale. Seasons 1 and 2 were won by two duos: Alexandra Lamy and Julien Arruti, then Camille Lellouche and Gérard Darmon, who couldn't decide. Pierre Niney triumphed for the third season.

Don't laugh for 6 hours to win

The concept of the show is simple: don't laugh to win for your association. For more than 6 hours, 11 participants are locked in a room with all kinds of gadgets and must leave one by one. Philippe Lachaud, the actor and director who oversees the show, makes sure no one laughs like a sports referee.

If the candidate laughs, he is penalized with a yellow card. If he laughs again, it will be a second warning, a red card, and thus a dismissal. To try to eliminate each other, the contestants have the right to a wild card, during which the whole board has to watch closely what the candidate is doing. We especially remember the cult Animal Fashion Show by Gérard Darmon.

5-star selection to replace Pierre Niney

Who will replace actor Pierre Niney and whose song “Good leg, good eye” won over the audience? Jérôme Commandeur, Marina Foïs and Audrey Lamy headline this fourth season. With them, we will find comedians Alban Ivanov and Redouane Bougherab, who are very popular among young viewers.

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To round out the cast, Alisson Wheeler, seen in Quotidien, and actor Jean-Pascal Zadi, president of the series Netflix En place also responded to Philippe Lachaud's invitation. YouTubers McFly and Carlito, who have more than 7 million subscribers on YouTube, will also be in attendance as a duet. Finally, this lovely team will be joined by actor and director Franck Gastambid and actress Anaïde Rozam.

The association is at risk of 150,000 euros

LOL contestants' rewards have often been the subject of debate, especially after the intervention of comedian Blanche Gardin, who revealed she turned down “€200,000” and felt “embarrassed”. Facebook dedicated to Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.

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If the royalties of actors, comedians and YouTubers are not known, the winner who must win in the final organized between the last two participants who have not yet received a red card will win this year the amount of 150,000 euros, which he will receive. to pay to the association of his choice.

Carlito thanks Blanche Gardin in the first episode

Blanche Gardin's revelations shook the entertainment world in France a bit, and some have not forgotten it. So, during the first episode, like our colleagues from Leisure television reported that the McFly & Carlito duo is launching a game titled “Too Honest Song”.

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The former begins to sing in a humorous tone: “We were contacted just ten days ago to do this show because someone dropped out.”

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Before her friend slips in another truth, thanking the actress in the second degree. “Thanks to Blanche Gardin, we will give more money to the associations, so there is no point in talking. From there to eliminating the candidate with this joke? Answer this Friday.

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